View Full Version : Eye Gunk

14th April 2007, 04:41 PM
I know this was talked about in the past but what did you guys say would help reduce the amount of tear staining and eye gook that our Cavaliers get? Sometimes Ellie has a huge amount of it and it just looks so nasty :P and my husband says after you clean it off even that area of her face smells bad.

Barbara Nixon
14th April 2007, 05:03 PM
Clean her face with warm water, using kitchen paper or a cloth and not cotton wool as the fibres can get in the eye and cause problems.

Izzy was the only one of mine to stain and , having tried various products, I gave up, just making sure he was clean and dry.

A product (made in the US) that a dog magazine once recommended was Bio Groom's Stain free. At over £6 for a pot the size of an eye shadow pod, plus postage, I decided not to bother. This product is prohibited in UK show rings.