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15th April 2007, 05:08 PM
Hi we got our cavalier yesterday. He's 9 weeks old were trying to get him used to a crate for the night only. Does anyone have any suggestions. Or what we should and shouldn't be doing. Thanks in advance

Barbara Nixon
15th April 2007, 05:23 PM
Get him used to daytime use, too. Then it's not connected with being left and can be used when you go out or need to have the dog out of harm's way egif you are ironing.

When my two youngest were pups, I had a special night time plastic carrier (also useful for car journeys), which was lined with a snug piece of vetbed and placed in our bedroom. We never had a disturbed night, this way. In fact, though a tight squeeze (just space to turn round), Teddy, who's three, still sleeps in it.

16th April 2007, 04:41 PM
We keep Charlie's crate in the kitchen under the table. We have a doggie gate blocking off the kitchen door. When we are out he has the run of the kitchen and we have found that when we come home he is asleep in his crate.

At night we have a smaller travel crate that we keep in our bedroom next to the bed. He sleeps in there all night without a peep. He's just happy knowing that we are there. The first week he was home we raised the crate up next to the bed so that we were all on the same level and he could see us. We also got him a snuggle puppy to sleep with. He still loves it and I think it made a huge difference in helping him sleep through the night.