View Full Version : Took Robbie to a agility fun run

16th April 2007, 12:42 AM
this afternoon..

This was at the same place we train at..they had a jumper's course set up and I knew we were in trouble when the first run went right by the gate he loves to duck out of and sure enough he did run out of the arena but I got him back and we did the course pretty well including getting the weaves..*G*...the second time we ran the same course backwards and he did better and stayed with me most of the course with just a couple of off courses...we then did a relay race...Yikes..shall we say our team got the prize for the most comical run..LOL...Robbie ran out of the arena after the first jump..got him back and we started over..and we ran the course with quite a few off courses but we made it..our teammate started the course and after the 1st jump lost her way (we only had 1 set of numbers and the 2nd course wasn't numbered)..and couldn't figure it out so she didn't even get to run...oh well Robbie got a nice stuffed strawberry for the most comical run..*G*