View Full Version : Teething & Not Eating

16th April 2007, 11:22 PM
So Kodee is spitting out teeth everywhere and is now eating (if it's possible) even less! Mind you she is 5mths and 12 lbs so she must be getting it somewhere (1x a day cookie, frozen green beans, chicken & cheese meal toppers - I know I'm bad).

I started her on 2 meals a day to see if her appetite improved - it did and was great but short lived. As soon as she started teething she stopped eating breakfast, so I went back to giving lunch (hmm only 1/4 c eaten) but dinner is great at 1/2c plus 2tps canned.

So should I hold out and give breakfast and make her wait till 5 (she was only on 2 meals about 3 days before the teething started) or give the poor lass a break and feed 3x a day and let her eat what she wants for now. Plus, when will she be through this? Or is it a start/stop sort of deal for a while?