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18th April 2007, 10:58 AM
Ellie is 5 months old, and has started this really annoying habit.... When I call her, she gets within a couple of feet away from me, and then runs away..Grrrr
I always have a treat in my hand, but it makes no difference.
She also comes to the chair where I am sitting and asks wants to be picked up, and as soon as I bend down to pick her up...off she runs.... I know she sees this as a game.....but I dont!!!!
I have read somewhere to keep them on a long line/lead for a while, and call them and just pull them gently towards you and then give a treat....
Am I right? I dont want to make things worse.....Ellie is VERY strong headed!!!!!

18th April 2007, 09:42 PM
I used a long 10' thin lead on our lab. I had 2 young children and barbie shoes are the best chew toy :eek: Back then it was for the puppies safety, the girls and to keep me sane. I didnt use it obsessively, just when they were playing and the dog was getting into the middle of their games. I also locked her in the laundry room with a gate if I felt she needed a quite space, walked her and took her out in the yard or to my room when they had friends over. But it proved helpful in training her to be part of our family rather than just avoiding it.

With Kodee - different dog, different personality and I am in a different part of my life now with university girls. I most likely wont be doing it with her, but do believe it has its purpose if not over used and used with regular training methods. It really came in handy teaching her when the kids went in and out it didnt mean she was to follow - that stay was stay.

19th April 2007, 12:08 AM
Yes, you can use one of those retractable extenda-leads for this type of training. BTW never use that kind of lead near roads or other unsafe places. I've seen those leads snap when the dog has run out of lead, I've seen the buttons jamb on them and I've seen a dog get hit by a car when the ower couldn't reel the dog in fast enough. So only use those leads in parks & safe places.

Are the yummies you are offering really irresistable to her? It has to be something she'd die for :paw: When you call her, do not give her the treat straight away, but tell her to sit and then give it to her. If necessary call her to you, tell her to sit, clip her lead on & then give her the treat.

The chair incident is really easy to fix. Totally ignore her when she begs to be picked up. Tough love and all that :D Dogs hate being ignored & she will soon learn that her game has backfired.