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19th April 2007, 03:10 AM
I know there's been a lot on this topic but it's become quite an issue our house lately. :-|

As I've got a 2 week break I've been sleeping in late (can anybody say 10:30 ;)) but I've been waking up to the sounds of Ollie's cries and howls from the loungeroom, on the other side of the house! When my mum leaves for work she puts him in his x-pen, with toys water and bedding.

I don't know what else I can leave with him to keep him occupied. He doesn't pay much attention to treat toys, he works at it for a little bit and then gives up. I don't feel it's safe to be leaving him with bones either. He doesn't play with normal toys while in the x-pen either, he just lies down or cries.

As he is quite reliable with house training I'd like to give him free reign of the house but my dad is making that difficult. Because he works from home he has several people coming to the house everyday and likes to leave our gate WIDE OPEN for them. Just because it's a little difficult to open! It's so annoying, because it takes some people a minute to open our gate, Ollie has to be stuck in a tiny cage all day! It's not fair :mad: Just because it's convenient to have him out of the way and not running around playing (which he will do by himself if not in the x-pen).

I realise he can have a couple of hours in the x-pen, say in the morning, but I don't want him wailing and crying the whole time! How can I keep him occupied? :confused:

Thanks for any help or suggestions! :flwr:


19th April 2007, 03:36 AM
Hi Emily,
I am Kelly a college student in Indiana, and also am a animal technician.

In the morning after Ollie goes potty, he will need some exercise or activity so he can relax a little. Its hard to expect a puppy to sleep all night and just chill out all morning. I hear you about sleeping in when you can its great, but you might have to forgo it for awhile.
Once he is exercised a time occupying toy is just the trick. (Kong or chewie)
Just keep in mind that a structured walk is better than spastic play sessions.

good luck!
you boy is so handsome he has the most distinctive face on the whole board!

19th April 2007, 03:59 AM
Hi Emily

Yeah I'm with Kelly on this one. I don't think dogs belong in crates during the day except for their naps or for short periods when the must be confined. Expecting Ollie to sleep all night & then spend the morning in his crate is a pretty big ask.

I enjoy a good sleep in too, but with a young puppy in the house it is pretty rare that I get to sleep in till 8, usually it is 7. Sometimes if I really want to sleep a bit longer I'll take Beau out to do his toilet and then let him snuggle up in bed with me. That gives me about an extra hour, but I probably only do that once a week (the morning of sheet-change day).

I'd be considering getting to bed a couple of hours earlier & then looking to a nice early start with Ollie. You could take him out for a nice long walk, play chasings with him, or some other activity that wears him out a bit. Then when he is exhausted & ready for his nap, you can do likewise. :dogwlk:

19th April 2007, 11:05 AM
Thanks for the advice Kelly and Caraline. Caraline, you've been such a great help to me! :flwr:

When school starts (Next tuesday :() I will definately be getting an early night, and early start. I will make sure to exercise him well and tire him out!

I think it's just with a change of schedule during the holidays, that I'm getting a late sleep in! He is allowed out all day when I am home to take care of him. Not so much while I'm at school.

Thanks again! :D

19th April 2007, 11:42 AM
i have 2 mad fella's we go to bed at about 11 and they go out just before then to make sure that they can get a full nights sleep! i go to work early but i always make sure to get out of bed at least a half hour before i have to leave the house so that the boys can get out to the loo and i get myself ready then they come in and run around for awhile and before i leave they go back down for another while about 1hr or 2hrs and someone will let them out to play!

Emily - i like to have a lie on a sat so i get up let the boys out and then but them back to bed, i think they know the drill by now as there is no arguing on sat and sun!! Try bringing ollie for a nice walk a few of the evenings and maybe he will be nice and tried and not as playful so early in the morning!