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21st April 2007, 03:35 AM
Greetings All,

Hogan and Maxwell were on the Natures Venison and Rice, and I switched them over to Merrick Wilderness Blend on the advice of this board and also my local pet boutique....but they now have both have a bit of runny stools...( Its not like I could slowly switch em over) and they are drinking TONS more water than normal...~ It was a bit warmer today than we've had....I guess Im just worried ....any thoughts or similar experiences? Im just wondering if this food makes them more thirsty?

Or Perhaps Ive got a problem and need to run to the vet?...I dont think my bag that I stopped feeding last friday is part of the 700 that were effected...( I had it confirmed that only 700 bags had the additive that was tainted ....directly from the Rep who was at the shop when I was there)

Any thoughts welcomed.....

21st April 2007, 04:26 AM
Isn't this recall nerve-wracking?! It seems that when I switched food Bentley got the runs for a bit, but I didn't notice that he drank more....but then I wasn't feeding the same dog food that you are either. I guess the excessive drinking (if you could call it excessive) would have me a little concerned too. Hopefully someone else on here will perhaps be of more help... But, I guess if it continues I'd ask your vet. I'm a worry-wart tho, and I like to err on the side of caution, so I guess if they were drinking tons more, I'd have them checked out at the vet's soon. When my last dog did that he ended up being diabetic (my father had been feeding him a lot of junk from the table).

21st April 2007, 04:45 AM
If Maxwell and Hogan were on Natural Balance venison and rice, I think you should check with your vet. Increased thirst, increased urination and diarrhea are symptoms of the Kidney issues of the effected dogs. While hopefully your dogs did not get the bad batch food, it might be better to be safe than sorry. I just don't know how much you can trust what the dog food companys are saying. Hope everything is OK. Hugs to you and your dogs. This whole thing is nerve racking.

21st April 2007, 05:21 AM
Natural Balance venison and rice

yes, thats what it is, and im going to the vet.......Thanks all.

21st April 2007, 05:48 AM
Gee, this whole food thing is so out of control. I'm here with my fingers crossed, hoping that the increased thirst is just the hot weather, but I think you are very wise to be heading for the vets. :xfngr: Looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

Bruce H
21st April 2007, 11:50 AM
I'm just so totally fed up with this whole food recall thing I could just scream. You know, 3 weeks ago when we had one of our girls in to the U of Mn for an emergency c-section, they warned us then that the moist food recall probably was not the end of it. Boy, were they right!! For the time being, we have switched all our dogs over to boiled chicken and rice just to be safe.

It might be a good idea to bring Hogan and Maxwell to the vet to be checked out. Probably nothing, but you never know. I can't count how many times we have had one of our dogs to the vet when it was nothing. But every now and then is IS something that needs to be fixed.