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22nd April 2007, 09:24 PM
yesterday i was at the health store and on an impulse i decided to get Zack some frozen raw chicken patties made by Breeders Choice, i think they are called Perfect Serving raw patties, something like that, i dont have the bag with me, it's in the freezer. There were two brands to choose from, one was Steve's Real Food For Dogs, i think, and the other was Breeders Choice Perfect Servings. i chose the Breeders Choice because i liked the pre-measured patties; the other brand had chunks which had to measured with a measuring cup.

At the store, I found it hard to read the info on the bag, the print was small and the bag was bumpy, and i figured i'd read more about it on the web at home. I just went to the Breeders Choice site and could not find a word about this product on their site. I looked everywhere, there's no suggestion that they sell such a thing. I found a few, very few, links about it on other sites, not with any info though.

This has me concerned and i plan to return the product to the store. It's not on the list of recalled foods, but it seems as if the company has discontinued it, and i 'm going to tell the store they should check into it.

I can't help wondering if i'm just blind and if it's right in front of me and i'm not seeing it. i tried clicking "Contact Us" and i filled out their contact form and asked them about my not being able to find any mention of the product on their site, and when i clicked Send, i got a message from a messaging company saying the the user had exceeded their limit, and could not process any more messages.

i'm not impressed.

Om's Mom
22nd April 2007, 11:23 PM
Judy, hi. I also had trouble finding the reference to Perfect Serving on their site. It doesn't seem like you can order it there...? But I did find this on their site at http://www.breeders-choice.com/about/ It is near the bottom, second-to-last paragraph. Buried in text!
" Our newest addition of dog food is Perfect Servings. Perfect Servings starts off the way you would; with fresh chicken, vegetables, pasta and other fine ingredients. Not only is Perfect Servings 100% natural nutrition, it's light and easy to carry and even easier to prepare. Just add warm water and wait two minutes. Perfect Servings’ convenience, value and nutritional excellence make it an easy choice for you and our rich aroma and delicious gravy make it irresistible."

The other food you mentioned, Steve's Real Food For Dogs, is referenced at this site: http://www.dogaware.com/dogfeeding.html, copied here:
"Steve's Real Food for Dogs
Eugene, OR ~ 1-888-526-1900 or (541) 683-9950
Retailers across the country in most states.
A complete diet consisting of ground meat and bones, organ meat, vegetables, and a variety of supplements. Has a tiny amount of rice bran, but no other grains. Chicken, Turkey, Beef and new Turducken varieties available, as well as cat food. Now available in patties as well as nuggets, which are bulkier and more expensive to ship. Freeze-dried version is also available, but very expensive. Diets are complete and AAFCO certified."

And again in a another section, same site, under "Sample home-feeding Tips" http://www.dogaware.com/menus.html
The following is copied from there:
"Since I grind the chicken wings, I finally realized that I can just throw in the vegetables and grind them with the wings in the electronic meat grinder. (See http://www.holisticat.com/grinders.html & http://www.pierceequipment.com/video.html for info on meat grinders). I usually do a family size pack of wings, which last me almost two weeks. I freeze several gallon bags of food, defrosting as necessary. (1 Belgian Terv & 1 German Shepherd). In the morning, I put a yam in the microwave before I get in the shower. Then I give the guys each a half a yam, and a cup of ground chicken wings & vegies. In the evening, my husband feeds them, so they get a cup of Steve's Real Dog Food , and a cup of California Natural . I also mix in eggs a couple of times a week I'm still saving for a Vita-Mix , as someone told me that you can just throw the chicken wings in it with the vegies, and it will grind it right up, and is much easier to clean than the meat grinder. But they're $400! Maybe soon. Cindy Chick "

I hope this helped.