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22nd April 2007, 10:25 PM
Henry is about 1 year old and recently i have been noticing the hair on his beautiful ears has become terribly hard to maintain. Within the last week he gets these little sections that suddenly become very, very matted. I have been brushing his ears every day, but it doesnt seem to help at all. I am so worried to cut off the matted pieces, but there is really nothing else i can do for some of them. I have actually had to cut off some of the matted pieces, and am so upset that it will never grow back the same! Henry has ALWAYS been a bit, well, off- i suppose, so now in a way his crooked ears matches his aloof personality, but i dont want him to look this silly forever.
I bathe him every 2 weeks (at least, he is one messy little boy) and brush him regularly. No real big changes with me or him since i've been noticing his ear mess. I clean the inside of his ears when he bathes.
Henry is my first dog, so am i just over reacting? i want to make sure I am taking the best care of him i can. I wash him a special doggie shampoo that was recommended at the pet shop. Is there anything I can put on his ear hair to tame it a bit? any special conditioners?
Well thanks for reading. hope i dont sound like an awful first puppy mommy.

22nd April 2007, 10:37 PM
well dont feel bad,about 3 hrs ago after getting back from the beach i noticed a whopper of a matt behind his ear so we have had to cut it out,so all together over the last month he has had 3 cut out,i think it is the sea water and sand because it only seems to be happenig since we have been taking him to the beach.he is down the beach every day .

22nd April 2007, 11:24 PM
Have you tried a cat's slicker brush on him? I find that if you are very patient & just work gently & persistently at a matt, you usually can get it out. The trick is not to try to comb through the matt at first. You just gently brush at an outer edge, and then keep moving up the matt until you've got it all.

If you really do think you have absolutely no choice but to cut it out, I'd recommend using a Mars Coat King as it doesn't cut out a great hunk, or straight across, which will just encourage more matting. The Mars Coat King are expensive but I think they are invaluable for this kind of thing. I've got the 20 blade. This web site is an Aussie site but if you Google you will find a site in your country that you can order them from.