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23rd April 2007, 11:44 AM
Hi Guys.
Finally got holly booked in at the groomers. Originally May, but there's a cancellation on Wednesday, so i took that.
I couldn't believe the lady asked me so many questions about Holly. From what illnesses has she had, where did i get her, what's her vets name. I was quite glad that she was did though.
Holly has never been to the groomers before. She suggests every 2 months at a price of €43.00. Is this normal to go to the groomers every 2 months??? I try to brush holly myself every day, but it's a nightmare. She has bad mats under her ears, but that's all really. Do you think they might suggest cutting her hair for the summer. I love her long locks.
Any advice.
Thanks, - Yvonne

23rd April 2007, 12:07 PM
Cavaliers are not supposed to be trimmed, and groomers should know this. Few in Ireland seem to though, and are very prone to shaving down dogs *as the norm* :yikes and also taking all the hair off their feet and trimming their ears back to puppy length -- all of which I simply detest (apologies to those who like this look but to me, they just look like beagles after all that, not cavaliers; the glory of a cavalier to me is its beuatiful coat, long ears, and funny hairy feet! :)). So if you go to a groomer and DON'T want them to do any of these things I suggest putting that in writing when you bring the dog in and INSIST you want a shampoo and brush out but NO TRIMMING or at most, maybe thinning the coat somewhat in a heavy-coated dog or for summer. NB even though I made it very clear I did not want Lily's feet trimmed the groomers in Dublin did it anyway when I had her coat neatened up -- it was such a mess that I felt it needed some shaping. I was so annoyed; it took months for them to start to grow back. :( Groomers seem to think this is what they are supposed to do with cavaliers; I guess a lot of people prefer to have them trimmed and I definitely see MOSTLY shaved cavaliers.

Cavaliers will not overheat in a typical summer in Ireland and the UK -- they are native to this climate, have a single not double coat, and if it is a particularly warm day just make sure they have shade and bring water on long walks or days out. But honestly -- we had a Great Pyreness in the Calif central valley with heat regularly over 100 degrees in summer and we never considered or needed or were advised by the vet to consider trimming her coat! A Pyr DOES have a heavy double coat, too. If a pyr can manage very hot summers a cavalier can easily be comfortable in its NATIVE climate in its Natural coat. :) So no one should ever feel they need to shave coats to make a dog cooler or feel pressured by a groomer to do this. Keep in mind too that shaving a coat can expose the dog to excessive sunlight especially those with white in their coat as this is especially prone to sunburn and more at risk for skin cancer. A coat can also keep a dog cooler by protecting it from direct heat -- in countries that are very hot, the natives often wear long loose clothing for this reason.

The groomer I spoke to said they would charge less for a basic groom (eg no cutting) but still it isn't a priority for me to pay for three dogs to visit the groomers so I don't bother, I just wash them myself (they swim regularlywhich keeps them pretty clean). My groomer suggested every three-four months for a groom BTW. Every two months will obviously keep them looking nicer; two months is also probably more the norm for dog breeds that get trimmed.

Ears do need weekly attention or they can matt really badly -- armpits and behind the ears are my worst spots. Buying a good matt breaker and then using a pin brush designed for a cat and a grooming spray really helps keep matts at bay.

23rd April 2007, 12:12 PM
Thanks for that Karlin.
To be honest, i really want her to take out matts behind her ears and maybe trim under her feet (wooden floors at home). Glad to know i can insist on not getting her cut. Will let you know how i get on.
Thanks again. - Yvonne

23rd April 2007, 12:17 PM
Under the feet is normal -- or they slide around. That is permissible for show dogs too! I got a little pair of blunt pet scissors and trim this but groomers do a much better job.

Of course no one has to keep the coat like a show dog -- :lol: -- but I am always disappointed at how many dogs I see with NO coat, completely shaved down. There are times when this might be better for a dog though -- some SM cavaliers for example cannot stand being brushed; it is just too painful for them, and owners keep them well trimmed. Oldies as well may be more comfortable not being brushed and groomed constantly but many, alternatively, love the interaction.

BTW there is a document in the library on trimming a cavalier "if you have to" as the writer put it -- it gives directions for a cocker style trim for a groomer. It is here:


23rd April 2007, 12:28 PM
Hi Yvonne,
Make sure to tell her to trim just under the feet. I asked a groomer to do this for Daisy Boo after her patella surgery and she ended up with bald feet. Took ages for them to grow back. Twinkle is prone to matting as well - she hates being groomed. It takes the two of us to manage it - Kelvin holds the treat over her nose while I comb out her ears. You're right not to trim her - Holly has a gorgeous coat.

23rd April 2007, 12:57 PM
Thanks for that guys.
Yeh Joanna, she has a gorgeous coat. Can't wait to see twinkle again. See if they're still like twins.

23rd April 2007, 02:14 PM
I keep the undersides of the Cavalier's feet trimmed with a man's bead trimmer. It is so easy to do & no risk of cutting the dog. I don't take my guys to the groomers. I kind of enjoy doing the grooming myself.

Here in Australia we can on occasion have temperatures of 42C and above. The breeders that we got Sonny & Beau from swear that the long hair actually acts as an insulator against the heat. I wasn't sure what to think of this, but I did notice that Sonny seemed to be more comfortable on a stinking hot day than my Boxers with their very short coats, so maybe there is some truth in it.

I too love the long flowing coat, feathers & ears of the Cavalier and my stance would be that if I was paying the groomer, I would want them to do exactly what I wanted, not what they wanted.

23rd April 2007, 04:58 PM
Which groomers are you going to is it the one in lucan ? I dont find her very pleasant. I asked her if she would trim my cockers nails a year ago. She asked why I said they were long and he was scraping my floors.

Don't get me wrong I love all my animals but I think you can have a house and animals. This lady told me I couldn't have both.

23rd April 2007, 05:19 PM
That sure is strange -- many groomers trim nails as a matter of course! They SHOULD be trimmed regularly or they can grow too long. If you can hear them clicking then they are usually too long. Problem is if you don't start trimming early on, the nail grows really long and the quick grows out with it making it difficult to trim short again without hurting the dog. Vets will also trim nails BTW if you ask during a visit or during a neuter, and they will show you how to trim a nail correctly. You can also use a nail grinder or a file.

Left uncared for, nails can grow so long that they curl around and grow back into the pad. :yikes A couple of rescues have come in like this. :(

23rd April 2007, 05:38 PM
Karlin the girl I used to always cut my cocker nails put she moved away. I couldn't understand why she wouldn't do it. Sadly casey died before I found a new groomer.

I was so used to going into my old groomer and having a chat, when I went to this girl she hardly took any notice of me being there :(

23rd April 2007, 05:43 PM
Hi Niamh.
This girl is in the Celbridge Mill. 6274025 - Jenny.
I always get hollys nails trimmed at the vets for €10 i think???? God, she's cut the legs off you otherwise with her jumping up all the time. (lol).
I'll let you know how i get on. Out of the country Thursday-Sunday, so i'll post back on Monday morning.

24th April 2007, 03:38 PM
There are two groomers in Lucan, I didnt find the one in the village very good, but the one out the Newcastle road is very good. I have moved to Westmeath now so I got a mobile groomer to call to the house, she was very good, at first I got a bit of a shock because she trimmed Prince's ears quite short but I have to say I love them now, he looks like a puppy again :dogwlk: I much prefer to have his coat slightly shorter, I have looked at old photo's of him when his hair was long and it really doesnt look good on him, I dont see anything wrong with getting their hair cut if they are family pets, maybe if you showed them you would have to keep it long but I really prefer it short, I think when the ears are too long they look untidy, I must dig out the old photo's and the new ones and post them and see what people think :snap:

24th April 2007, 04:56 PM
Kelvin holds the treat over her nose while I comb out her ears.

I used to have problems with brushing the ears. And if I took the slicker comb straight to the ears now he wouldn't like it. I find this works; I brush his chest, he loves that, then I kind of work my way sneakily to do the ears at the same time.

I'm finding feet hard to do. Any tips?

25th April 2007, 10:46 AM
Dropped Holly off at groomers this morning. Dying to see how she looks when finished. I stressed that i didn't want her trimmed, but groomed. Jenny said that was no problem at all, providing she continued to get groomed every 2 to 3 months and daily by me. Can't wait to collect her. Had a root canal on my tooth yestday, so can't see myself staying in work for the day today. Might nip off at lunch and collect her then. I told her i'd ring at lunch to see how she was doing. Jenny said she may be done by then.
I'll fill you all in next monday when back in the country.