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23rd April 2007, 05:12 PM
Minnie May and Cinders went to stay at Grandma's on Saturday, just for the day. It was a beautiful morning and when we arrived they bothrushed out into the garden (as they always do), there is so much to discover in Grandma's garden. After about 10 minutes, when we had finished chatting with Grandma & Grandad, we realised that we couldn't see the girls in the garden. I went outside and saw that the side gate was wide open (this gate is never ever open!!) :eek:
Well Cinders was in the front driveway pottering around, so we got her back and went looking for Minnie. She was nowhere to be seen, about 200 yards down the road is a main road and the town centre, the other way lots of side roads. We called her and called her, but no sign, my hubby and I didnt even know which way to go to start looking! By now I was sick with worry. I went back to the garden just in case she was by some chance still there. As I was walking back towards the side gate (which was now shut), Minnie was sitting there with a look on her face saying "Come on hurry up and let me in". Oh my goodness I was so relieved and gave her a big hug through my tears.:D
We have learned a very hard lesson - not to take things for granted when visiting and we will now always check the garden gates before letting them out.

Joanne M
23rd April 2007, 07:52 PM
Sandra that must have been awful for you. Thank God they are both so good that they did not stray from the area of your parents home. I'm glad they suffered no ill effects from their adventure. I bet the same can't be said for Mum and Dad!