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25th April 2007, 07:05 PM
iam Just Curious!! i know we are all cavalier lovers here! but are there other breeds u like? and wot are they??:)
wots your top ten?:D

Mine are

1) Cavaliers (of course lol)
2) Golden Retrievers ( Love there nature)
3) Labs ( just so cute )
4) Newfoundland ( big teddy bears:) )
5) Gordon setter ( A big Buddy:) )
6) Saint Bernard ( love there huge paws:D )
7) Australian shepherd ( fell in love with the one at crufts)
8)Cocker spaniels ( Similar to Cavs! just a bit more lively )
9) Akita ( love their curly tail hehe!!)
10) Border Collie ( love there intelligants)

25th April 2007, 07:18 PM
Hmm, well I can say my least favorite breed is a Golden Retriever (the breed that removed part of my face! - I know this isn't normal, but they scare me to death now).

My favorites:

1) Cavalier - of course!
2) Papillon
3) Weimeraner
4) Affenpinscher (Ok, I just had to throw that in for my bf - he really wants one)
5) Sheltie
6) Lhasa Apso
7) Shih Tzu
8) Bull Mastiff
9) Cocker Spaniel
10) American Eskimo

lady and amber
25th April 2007, 07:19 PM
Mine are German shepherds I had two before lady and Amber the first Caesar died suddenly at two years old after major surgery and the other khan lived to the grand age of 13 that's a good age for a German Shepard. I love them as they are so intelligent and seem to know what your thinking and they just love to work

25th April 2007, 07:20 PM
Ooh that's a toughie...

1. Cavaliers
2. Border Collies
3. Cocker Spaniels
4. Golden Retrievers
5. Labradors
6. St. Bernard
7. Old English Sheep Dogs
8. Norfolk Terriers
9. Beagles
10. Huskies

I'd only want to own one of the top 5 though I think.

25th April 2007, 07:22 PM
Ooh that's a toughie...

1. Cavaliers
2. Border Collies
3. Cocker Spaniels
4. Golden Retrievers
5. Labradors
6. St. Bernard
7. Old English Sheep Dogs
8. Norfolk Terriers
9. Beagles
10. Huskies

I'd only want to own one of the top 5 though I think.

Which one?;)

matties mum
25th April 2007, 07:23 PM
1 Caveliers
2Cocker spaniel
3 springer spaniel
4 any spaniel
5 Border Collie
6 Staffies
8 cross/breeds
9 any dog that is friendly

10 that is all I love dogs of all kinds
Aileen and the gang(Jazzie---Barney---Sam)

25th April 2007, 07:37 PM
Which one?;)

Well, I have a cavalier now of course

And I had a Cocker Spaniel for 13 years but she passed away in February - she was a really beautiful dog and she had such a nice nature.

I love Border Collies - I think they're just so smart and just generally really good dogs.

And Labradors and Golden Retrievers just appeal to me for some reason.

I think with the others there would be WAY too much shedding and grooming and extreme scent following, etc, so although I like them I'd have a preference for owning dogs in my top 5.

25th April 2007, 07:50 PM

1. German shepherd (if my fiancee didn't have allergies, I would have one now!!) :luv:
2. Cavaliers (even though my fiancee has allergies..I have four!!) :D
3. Great Dane
4. Border Collie
5. Aussie Shepherd
6. Italian Greyhound
7. papillion
8. Basenji
9. French Bulldog (but ONLY if I could name it Yoda) ;)

25th April 2007, 07:51 PM
I know I will not make the Top 10, I am somewhat a picky little thing:

1 Labs (ok dont kill me, but I have had 3 so they are stamped into my <3)
2 Cavalier (we are talking 3 mths ownship vs 40yrs with a lab give it time)
3 Sheltie
4 Husky

Oh boy, I am more picky than I thought, as I was expecting to find at least 5

25th April 2007, 08:03 PM
Hmmm, hard to tell! But I think mine would look something like this:

#1 - Cavalier
#2 - Labrador Retriver
#3 - English Pointer
#4 - Irish Wolfhound
#5 - Pappillion
#6 - Golden Retriver
#7 - Gordon Setter
#8 - Icelandic Sheepdog
#9 - Maltese
#10 - Shetland Sheepdog

Wow, that was hard! My list keeps changing from time to time, but Cavalier always ownes the 1st place!

25th April 2007, 08:04 PM
This ones tough, but here's my list:
1. Cavalier

25th April 2007, 08:06 PM
Ok, accidentally hit enter, so here's the rest:
2. English Bulldog
3. Boxer
4. Golden Retriever
5. Miniature Schnauzer
6. Great Dane
7. Shih Tzu
8. English Springer Spaniel
9. Labrador Retriever
10. Dachshund

25th April 2007, 08:14 PM
Anyone who has "Shih tzu" on their list is MORE THAN WELCOME TO HAVE MINE!!! ;)

25th April 2007, 08:18 PM
Hmm.. my top 10 list.. I'm definately not putting shih tzu because I have no doubt you'de ship him to me Monica :D :D '

1. Cavalier
2. dogue de bordeaux (french mastiff)
3. chinese pug
4. golden retriever
5. labs
6. samoyed
7. komondor
8. bull mastiff
9. yorkshire terrier
10. boxer

25th April 2007, 08:39 PM
ohhh fun - I love to rank things :p

1. Cavaliers :)
2. Boxer
3. Labs
4. Goldens
5. American Bulldog
6. English Bulldog
7. Rodesian Ridgeback
8. Beagle
9. Boston Terrier
10. Australian Shepherd

25th April 2007, 09:56 PM
This is a toughie :confused: This changes so often except the top 2

1) Cavaliers (that almost goes without saying ;))
2) West Highland White Terriers
3) Bedlington Terriers
4) Papillions
5) Keeshonds
6) Pomeranian
7) Pekingese
8) American Eskimo
9) Tibetan Spaniel
10) Australian Shepard

Daisy's Mom
25th April 2007, 09:56 PM
1. Cavalier (no surprise there)
2. Pomeranians (mostly because of looks -- I've never had one)
3. Poodles (wouldn't want the grooming, but grew up with 4 and LOVED them)
4. Papillons
5. Chinese Crested (powder puff only)
6. Yorkies
7. Shelties
8. Long-haired chihuahuas
9. Boxers (too big for me, but I just think they are very regal and friendly)
10. Maltese

In general, I tend to like pointy noses more than flat, long hair rather than short, and most definitely small rather than large.

25th April 2007, 09:58 PM
1. Cavalier & Siberian Husky
2. Bernese Mountain Dog
3. Cavalier & Siberian Husky
4. Cavalier & Siberian Husky
5. Oh and did I say Cavalier & Siberian Husky

25th April 2007, 10:15 PM
Good thread idea!

1 Caveliers
2Cocker spaniel
3 springer spaniel
4 any spaniel

:lol: well that about covers it for spaniels...

Also Jessica I thought you deliberately only put cavaliers. :lol:

Of breeds I'd like enough to want to own:

1) cavaliers
2) Great Pyrenees (breed I grew up with)
3) certain mixes
4) English setters

When I eventually move to a house with a garden and if it is large enough, I may get a Pyrenees again.

There are other breeds I like -- Tibeten spaniels and terriers, for example. certain JRTs, blue merle border collies, goldens, red & white Irish setters... but probably not enough to own one. I'd have to look at my dog encyclopedias to remember what I like! :lol: I like French bulldogs too. Oh and I like those untrimmed schnauzers, like Jen's Gus. I'd steal him if I had the chance. :cool: There are lots of dogs that fall in the category of dogs I like looking at, but wouldn;t own. :)

25th April 2007, 10:47 PM
Good thread idea!

1 Caveliers
2Cocker spaniel
3 springer spaniel
4 any spaniel

:lol: well that about covers it for spaniels...

Except that the Brittany needs its own spot!!!!

I have only been a cav owner for six weeks, and she is sweet and very easy to manage so far. But my darling Brittany has been in my life for over 13 years, was with my stepson when he was killed and is our last connection to him...thus he is still number one in our hearts and on the list...therefore:

1. Brittany Spaniel
2. Cavalier
3. Grateful pound puppy of any kind
4. Rescue Greyhound
5. Labrador Retriever
6. Springer
7. Cocker
8. English Bulldog
9. English Setter
10. German Shorthaired Pointer

25th April 2007, 11:13 PM
1. Cavalier
2. Yorkie
3. JRT....but without the batterys ( Love the breed, just too high energy for me)
4. German Shorthair ( Do they come in miniture ?...Just a joke! )
5. Doberman.......( With a full time trainer only, and a much larger house! )
6. Old English Sheep Dog ( With a full time groomer and a much larger house)
7. One of those hairless mexican dogs...so ugly but so darn cute too!
8. Wheaten
9. Maltese
10. ( and Ill never get one, just think they are cute but in no way, would actually purchase for reasons we all know) Puggles

O.K. there is my list...........;)

25th April 2007, 11:46 PM
Well loyalty deems that I have to put...

1 & 2 Boxers & Cavaliers on the top line ;)
3 Boston Terrier
4 French Bulldog
5 Bull Mastiff
6 Dogue de Bordeaux
7 Rottwieler
8 Irish Wolfhound
9 Scottish Deerhound
10 Newfoundland

Awww sh#*I just love dogs, 10 isn't enough....

11 Akita
12 German Shepard
13 Huskies

Rj Mac
26th April 2007, 12:03 AM
Ours are....icon_nwunsure

1, Cavaliers and Black Labs...tied for 1st :D
2, Brittish Bulldog
3, Beagle
4, Bull Mastiff...or the South African Boerboels(an amazing looking dog)
5, Sheltie....i had 1 as a boy :luv:
6, Staffordshire Bull Terrier
7, Rhodesian Ridgeback
8, Nova Scotia Duck - Tolling Retriever....beautiful :luv:
9, Douge De Bordeaux
10, Great Dane

26th April 2007, 01:40 AM
1. Cavaliers / Irish setters (sorry dead tie!)
3. Irish Wolf Hound
4. Rhodesian RidgeBack
5. Pug
6. Bernese Mountain Dog
7. English Setter
8. Newfoundland

26th April 2007, 05:27 AM
1/2. cavalier and chihuahua at a tie(not all chis just my b/f's which i picked out and bought so really she's MINE! heehee)
3. yorkie (i don't love 'em but the b/f does)
4. bernese mountain dog
4. standard poodle (so dang smart!)
5. retired greyhound
dogs i want in theory but probably not in practice:
6. french bully
7. border collie
8. akita/shiba inu (tied)
9. olde english bully
10. corgi (b/f wants one)
11. doberman pinscher
12. do i have to stop???? heehee

26th April 2007, 05:36 AM
Okay, my turn:

1. Cavaliers


2. Weimaraner


3. Collie (Rough)


4. German Shepherd


5. Pug


6. Dalmation


7. Beagle

8. Saint Bernard

9. Cocker Spaniel - Golden

10. Norwegian Elkhound

26th April 2007, 08:43 AM
Golden Retreiver
Cocker Spaniel
Springer Spaniel
Red Setter
German Setter
Old English Sheepdog
St Bernard
German Pointer

26th April 2007, 10:11 AM
Wow thats a hard..choosing only 10 will be tough...i love all dogs!! isnt that enough ;)

1. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


2.Labrador/Golden Retriever
3. Border Collie
4. German Shephard
5 Beagle
6. Maltese Terrier
7.Cocker Spaniel
8. Dachshund
9. Samoyed
10. Yorkie
11. West Highland Terrier
12. Husky
13. Poodle
14. St Bernard
15. Dalmations

ARGH theres too many...couldnt stop at 10!...i would out a lot more on the list but that would take ages

26th April 2007, 06:05 PM
This is my list if size and exercise needs were not an issue:

1. Cavalier
2. Dalmatian
3. Finnish Lapphund
4. Samoyed
5. Japanese Spitz
6. Golden Retriever
7. Newfoundland
8. Sheltie
9. Rough Collie
10. Beagle

26th April 2007, 06:41 PM
1 Cavalier and Golden Retriever:luv:

2 Irish setter

3 English setter

4 Cocker spaniel

5 Springer spaniel

6 Labrador

Cannot think of anymore at the moment.

Scouty girl
26th April 2007, 07:36 PM
1. Newfoundland
2. Cavaliers
3. Bernese Mountain Dog
4. Bull Mastiff
5. Irish Wolfhound
6. Flat Coated Retriever
7. Bloodhound
8. Alaskan Malamute
9. Great Pyrenees
10. Portuguese Water Dog

I love Scout, but anybody that has ever owned, or has known a Newfoundland knows just how sweet and lovable they are. I love big dogs, but wanted a small dog too. When i started looking for a small dog I wanted one that had a similar personality of the Newfoundland. The more I read about Cavaliers the more I liked them. The are great little dogs, but the Newfoundland has stolen my heart. :luv:

Karen S.
26th April 2007, 10:17 PM
1. Cavaliers
2. Belgian Tervurens
3. Cocker Spaniels
4. Shelties
5. Collies
6. Pekingnese
7. Bouivier Des Flandres
8. Dobermans
9. Bulldogs
10. Anything with a cute face and a personality to match!