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26th April 2007, 05:15 PM
As most of you probably know, we have spent a pretty good deal of time out of town since the end of March and the dogs have gone to the kennel. I have taken them to the kennel which is closest to us (which is not the one with the new dr I had taken Wallis to).

Now we are leaving again on Saturday and will not be picking them up until 5/7. I finally had a long talk with the vet where we have been boarding them, because I really don't like the thoughts of stressing Wallis out by taking her to a strange (to her) kennel and she has stayed at this one for years.

He has read all the info sent from the other vet and talked very sensibly about it. He agreed (duh) with me keeping them there because of the stress factor.

Wallis has been having trouble getting up and down since her last visit. The MSM/Chondroitin has been helping that but I don't know what has happened now. Not sure if it is a physical problem or if it is the combination of furry feet and hardwood floors. I just look at her and cry when I see her having problems.

The vet asked me if she has been coughing any - which she has. He suggested a chest x-ray, citing the rapid growth of the anal gland tumors if they are malignant. I agreed to that and then realized that I have the last chest films that were done on her here at my house, so I can take them for comparison.

I just hate to leave them again, but I have no choice. Sasha lost so much weight last week that her spine is obvious when I touch her (you can't see it because she needs a haircut!). I mentioned that and they said that they will weigh her daily to make sure she isn't getting into trouble.

Okay, time for the cheese now. I've whined enough.

26th April 2007, 05:39 PM
I am sorry donna *HUGZ*

Do you want to ship em up here? :D :D

Hopefully you don't have to leave them for a long length of time after this ..

Do you or Bubba have any family or furry loving friends that live close by to you that you could leave at least one of them with??? I guess it might be good for Wallis to stay at the vets though because if there was a problem they would know what to do and how to treat it??

I don't know.. good luck hun and *HUGZ* - that's all I have to say

26th April 2007, 06:06 PM
Oh Donna!! So much at once. :(

Wallis will be comfortable in the kennel because she has been there before, but you know that I could always take them!! My guys might be a bit much for Wallis to handle if she is feeling under the weather...What about Judi? Have you asked her? They could have the other half of the house to themselves so they are away from the crazy herd.

Why is Stewie 2 losing weight? What is going on with her? Did I miss something??

Please let us know about sweet Wallis x-ray results...I really hope she is ok.

26th April 2007, 06:08 PM
It hard to leave them - I sit here stressing Kodee needs to be left for only a day and that is with my youngest boyfriend when my oldest graduates in June. But for you with so much going on, boarding just adds to it all. You sound like you have good communications with your vets, so it may be hard but they sound like they are in good hands. Lets have more wine with the cheese - COME TO ONTARIO WHERE OUR WINE IS... ok not good but will do the job!

26th April 2007, 06:43 PM
I really think that Wallis is better off w/the vet because she is accustomed to them and because if anything should happen they can take care of her.

I talked to Judi the other day, Monica. Told her what all is going on, etc., and she said she wished she could offer to keep them but just doesn't feel like she can right now. I understand; Wallis is a big responsibility.

I don't know what's going on with Stewie 2. She's really had some separation issues since we've been home. She'll be sleeping on the other side of the desk and wake up screaming because she doesn't know where I am. And her appetite is certainly okay here. I've bumped up her daily ration a bit; she was a bit "round" when she went in last time but she lost more than she really needed to. Cross that bridge when we get back.

Thanks for the offer. As I said, Wallis is a big responsibility. Maybe we can make plans to come over and visit with you when we get back home. That might be fun. Two Stewies in one house!!