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28th April 2007, 12:58 AM
Thats it, today after the last group of Recalls, Im done.
Im Going to NV raw...Perhaps with a bit of Kibble from NV mixed in.

( Im WAY TOO scared to try and do it all myself, and I feel this way they get "doses" of all the stuff they need.
I called my local health food store. Its 19.00 per bag of LARGE pattys ( I think he said a pack of 8 ? ) ...Im not sure if there is an online place that is less~but if you have a suggestion Im all ears.

Im also having a hard time figuring the calculator off the main site...Im not sure how much to feed Maxwell....23 pounds~ Or Hogan 14 pounds. Again, I also dont know if I should do kibble and raw or just raw? The guy at the store really didnt know alot about the pet food, as it is a human health food store. Im also a bit concerned that this isnt their main business, so how long has that food actually been there?

Im also unsure of how and what to mix, this store has the chicken one...in frozen along with the beef and one other that I forget ....I notice alot of you rotate the main "dish" and Im wondering about that too.....

A gal pal of mine feeds NV to her Black Lab, and gave me a few of the beef medallions tonight to try...and the boys went nuts....Hopefully with all these food changes we can level out.....but they sure gobbled everything

Any advice or help is appreciated more than you know.....Im just done playing around, my boys mean more than anything to me....I dont trust a thing anymore~ and Im even questioning what Im feeding my family now~ My husband says I should have researched that first ;)
( Now He really knows where he and the girls come in ...lol Just kidding, but I think we all have to take a hard look at whats going on )

Thanks so much in advance,
Dawn , the me in Maxwell

29th April 2007, 01:43 AM
I love NV raw (and Brodie does too). I think that is a decent price. I don't have a local store which carries NV raw (or any raw for that matter) so I have to order it online. It is much more costly and you have to pay shipping and a $15 frozen surcharge. It comes solid as a rock...never even slightly unthawed. I am just happy I can get it shipped to me. I just don't look at the price tag :) There should be a date marked on the bag to tell the age.

I feed Brodie (19 lbs) a full patty to maintain his weight. I cut it to 3/4 patty to trim him down. The instructions on the package say 1/2 patty for 10 lb. dog, 3/4 patty for 20 lb., 1 patty for 30 lb. These are only guidelines and depend on the individual dog, amount of exercise etc.

I find feeding raw is super easy and really has made a difference in Brodie's interest in food and his health. Hope this helps.