View Full Version : Drooling...what's going on?

Gracie's Mommy
28th April 2007, 07:01 PM
Ok...so, we went to the vet today to get Gracie's stitches out. We were there for all of 10 minutes and Gracie did great! No wimpering or whining and really she didn't even try to squirm much while they took them out. They had me hold her while they did it and she seemed fine with it.

Then we went to the off-leash dog park for the first time. We went to the small dog section first...there weren't any other dogs in this section. I looked down and she was drooling and had these clear bubbles coming from her mouth. I was a bit worried! I gave her water because I thought she might be thirsty or about to get sick. That helped for a few minutes, but I looked back down and she was doing it again. Her temperment seems fine...not upset or anything.

So, I've read here that drooling can be a sign of stress...do you think that's what this was? She's been around many other dogs, so I don't understand why this was very stressful to her (especially since they were on the other side of the fence). I called the vet and they didn't seem concerned...just said to keep an eye on her. Any ideas on what might be going on here? Thanks!

28th April 2007, 07:07 PM
Oliver definitely drools when he is anxious about things... I called the vet the first time it happened and they said it sounded like stress. It happened after his first car ride.

28th April 2007, 10:02 PM
It sounds to me like a sign of anxiety. While your dog has been around other dogs, this was the first time at the off leash dog park. A new place comes with all sorts of new smells. Plus, dogs who aren't on leash can give different signals than dogs who are leashed and accompanied by people.

I'd continue to go back, walking your dog outside the park or simply sitting outside. Take the introduction to the space slowly until she appears more comfortable. The next time you go, it won't be the first time. Her reaction may be different.

29th April 2007, 04:22 AM
Stress & anxiety aren't always very negative things. Getting overly excited can cause these reactions. When I take Beau to puppy class, as soon as he sees all the other dogs he starts trembling, but his tail is going & he is struggling to go play with them and he has a ball once I set him loose. So for Gracie, she may have just been feeling a little overwhelmed with her new freedom.

Hey, it is great she has her stiches out and that the event didn't phase her out. Way to go Gracie girl! :lotsaluv:

Cathy Moon
29th April 2007, 05:27 AM
I'm wondering if the vet appointment was a little stressful for her - she might have needed to go home to familiar surroundings to de-stress.

Maybe next time you take her to the dog park she'll be in a better frame of mind for a new, fun experience.

Gracie's Mommy
29th April 2007, 08:55 AM
Yep, in retrospect, it does make sense that the vet and then right to this very new experience might have been pretty overwhelming for her. I just thought that she seemed fine at the vet, so we would go ahead. I guess she wasn't as fine as she seemed! We'll go back in the next few days and give it another go. Thanks for your help...I was SO worried before I remembered that drooling and anxiety went hand in hand! I'm so happy to have a better idea of what's going on!

Scouty girl
30th April 2007, 03:30 PM
Scout hasn't drooled, yet. Breeze the Newf will drool if she is hot, or someone has good looking food , the latter I put a stop too. Or if she is in a strange enviornment and can't see me, she gets very upset and starts to drool profusely. Not very nice at all.

30th April 2007, 06:14 PM
My MIL's cavalier does this like clockwork every time we go to the dog park. It can be overwhelming at first with the thousands of different smells overloading her senses, so I agree to easing her in gently to the park. Bringing cookies or her favorite treats will be a good way to help ease the fear factor, as she will associate it with happy things!!

Good Luck Gracie!! It's a scary world out there!!;)

Gracie's Mommy
3rd May 2007, 02:34 AM
Well, we went back to the dog park tonight, but just stayed in the small dog area. There were a few other dogs there. She was obviously having a great time...interacting with the other dogs, chasing balls, etc. But, still drooling. She really didn't seem upset as she was having fun...I guess I'm leaning towards the excitement drooling, but it is also easy to see how she'd be overwhelmed still, too. We're just taking it slow...what else should I watch for other than the drooling to show that she's anxious? She's not hiding or whining, etc, she's very much interested in interacting with the other dogs.

I'm going to ask at daycare on Friday if she does this there, as well. I know that she gets excited there...that will help me pinpoint stress vs. excitement.

As always...thanks for the words of wisdom everyone!

Cathy T
3rd May 2007, 03:07 AM
Shelby is 3 years old and very independent....not a needy little pup like Jake is....but she always drools at the dog park. We went to a new park today and they were both trotting around sniffing and peeing. I carry a little hand towel in my back pack because her drooling can be so bad sometimes. She's been going for years and isn't at all hesitant about going in...nor does she cling to me. She'll prance off by herself...just drooling away. :rolleyes:

3rd May 2007, 03:34 AM
I wonder too if it related to some of the smells around. I hadn't quite made the connection earlier, but now that I come to think of it, my Sam drools profusely sometimes when I let him out the back. He loves to sniff around & feast of wildlife poo and this is the time of his worst drooling. I am sure this isn''t related to anxiety as it is his own backyard. So maybe it just smells yummy. Who know what gross delight may be found to eat at the park.

Gracie's Mommy
4th May 2007, 03:50 PM
Well, it's official...this must be what Gracie does when she's VERY excited! Took her to daycare today and they said she does this all the time. And we know that she LOVES daycare! She gets very excited within a couple blocks of the building and runs as fast and as long as the leash will let her into the building! :D So, I will officially stop worrying about this one now!...and definitely will start taking a towel with us to the dog park from now on! Not a huge fan of wiping the long drool trails off with my pants! :grnyuk: