View Full Version : traveling with Ava

29th April 2007, 04:01 PM
Hi, just wondered if anyone else had experienced this. We took our 7mos. old cav with us on a little day trip yesterday, and it was not a good experience!!!!! She would not settle down and just nap or chew on her toys. She wanted me to hold her, and even them seemed nervous and would not just lie and sleep. We took lots of breaks and walked her. She would not potty or drink the whole time we were gone, which was about 7 hrs. She has been in the car before for short trips in town and did fine. We had her crate in the car and she just dug to get out of it. I am really surprised. I thought she would be a good traveler. Maybe we just didn't build up to it enough. Any thoughts or suggestions? HELP!!! I would like to be able to take her with us