View Full Version : Snapping

30th April 2007, 02:26 PM
Recently I have noticed Ellie snapping at one of our cats. Surprisingly its Dexter who is our friendliest cat and the only one that tolerates her. When she first came to our home Dexter was the one willing to share sleeping on the couch with her and would let her come up to him and sniff and lick him. Basically he put up with a lot from her. The past couple of nights whenever he gets on the bed though she runs right at him and then at times will even snap her mouth at him. Dexter of course takes of running and usually ends up sleeping on the other side of the bed from her. She doesnt seem to do it any other time as far as I can see. She did it last night again, and at first she growled when he got close to her and then before I could grab him and move him she turned and snapped at him. I do realize that it was a dark room and while Dexter has great night vision Ellie being a dog did not so I assume that might have been more that in the dark something moving toward her startled her and she reacted but all the other times have been when the lights have been on so I know she could tell that it was the same cat she was sniffing on the couch only a few hours ago. Is she being territorial of the bed? I dont believe its because she doesnt like Dexter as he is the one who plays with her at times chasing and whatnot. My other two swipe a lot at her so she has learned to leave them alone more. I have noticed her grolwing at Dexter when she is chewing on her hoof but I assume thats a territorial thing and I know Dexter is never going to try to take her hoof from her. If she is being territorial of the bed it might be time for her to move back in to her kennel for bed as Dexter always sleeps with us and I dont want him getting hurt doing something he has done for over 2 years. Also Ellie has started to take a bathroom break at night in the corner of our room so I think its time to go back to the kennel for a bit. But any thoughts on the snapping as thats definitly a habit I want cut out soon for the safety of my cats.