View Full Version : Help with Celltei Security Leash

Gracie's Mommy
1st May 2007, 06:55 PM
We received our new Celltei Red Orange Backpack-o-Pet today! :rah: It's great! She's not too thrilled with it yet, but we're getting there. Only one thing wasn't what I expected...the security leash is too long. She can climb right out of the carrier from the front window when it's unzipped. I assume it isn't supposed to be that way...did any other Celltei owners have this problem?

I had originally intended to buy the Pet-on-the-Go in medium (since it's really pretty cheap) and just buy a bigger one if she outgrew, but she was already too long for it! :eek: She may be tiny at just 9 pounds (at 6 mos), but she's already 16+ inches! So, anyway, it was the large backpack for us...it'll probably work better this way, anyway, because it will last her whole life now. Thanks to all those who helped me make up my mind!!!

But, back to my original question...what's up with the security leash??

1st May 2007, 07:11 PM
glad you like your celltei! :) I still have to buy one for kosmo @ christmas when we go back :yikes

about the leash - no idea.. I never used one :D