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1st May 2007, 08:59 PM
The little bar at the bottom of the page that allowed you to go from forum to forum is missing. Any idea how I can get it back?

Gracie's Mommy
1st May 2007, 09:28 PM
Shay, it's missing on mine as well. Karlin, HELP! :D

1st May 2007, 10:21 PM
I didn't think anyone used it so I turned it off. But will now go turn it back on as clearly, people do use it! :oops: It's the 'forum jump' menu.

1st May 2007, 11:39 PM

I still can't see it either! I use it a lot, great when I've used the quick reply for jumping to another forum board!

2nd May 2007, 01:57 AM
Karlin....Have you added it back? If so, we don't see it. Thanks!

Cathy T
2nd May 2007, 02:03 AM
I thought maybe it was just me!! I use that one a lot too.

Scouty girl
2nd May 2007, 02:34 AM
Thanks Karlin, I use it quite often also. It really helps to move around from one topic to another.

Cathy Moon
2nd May 2007, 02:46 AM
I miss it too!:-|

2nd May 2007, 11:45 AM
I use it very often. It still isn't back. We miss it!

2nd May 2007, 01:34 PM
I always used it, would welcome its return :cffee:

2nd May 2007, 04:31 PM
I miss it also. :)

3rd May 2007, 05:30 PM
If you click on the picture of Karlin's dogs, it takes you to the main menu if that helps. Oh actually, anywhere at the top of the page takes you there. ;)

4th May 2007, 02:40 AM
Thanks Pauline! I had discovered that the other day after the menu jump was turned off.

4th May 2007, 11:56 AM
Yay! It's back. Makes it so much easier.

4th May 2007, 10:15 PM
Oh yeah, thanks karlin :rah:

5th May 2007, 12:55 PM
Yippee! It's back! Thanks Karlin, makes life easier!!

5th May 2007, 12:57 PM
Sorry, just had forgotten to change the setting after the point was first raised. I never, ever use that feature and never guessed so many did! I always click on the logo pic at the top to get the index again.