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2nd May 2007, 12:01 AM
Hi All

I know this question might have been asked on previous threads etc, however I was wondering how other Cavalier owners out there have coped with their Cavvy and a newborn baby in the same room together ? Surrounded by adults of course.

Rio is 8 months old, neutered and in general a very easy going relaxed pup for his age and takes to anyone, he likes other dogs, older children, 3-4 year olds etc but prefers people. Basically he knows he's gorgeous and wants to be told it.

The first time he encountered a two year old was when he was 4-5months old, and that was a laugh a minute, the two of them were like the terrible twins at the end of the day. He followed her everywhere as she had a biscuit in her hand. :D

Now we have two new additions to the family. Both my older cousin and younger cousin gave birth a month apart to two new baby boys (First set of boys in almost 45 years in our Family! :) )

Nairn is now 6 weeks old but lives in Newcastle with his parents, however Nathan the other lives just along the road from us. Now when my Cousins were pregnant Rio sat on their laps next to their tummies and obviously sensed that there was something different about them. I'm sure a few times when he fell asleep on their laps he was kicked awake by the two boys :lol

Last weekend, Rio met Nathan very briefly he saw him sitting in his little motion activated bouncer, had a sniff, then scurried off to the conservatory to check out the barbecue and go outside to the back garden.

However my cousin's other Aunt's dog seems to have a jealousy problem with her terrier cross Kim. When she picked up Nathan and made cooing noises to him, Kim started to growl and bark at the baby. Everyone was a little taken aback by this as Kim is never like this. Kim also tried to attack Rio in the park once a few weeks ago, this had shaken Rio's confidence a little and he is now a little wary of smaller dogs.

Also when Nathan began to cry, Kim slunk off to another corner of the room, continuing to growl, I don't think that he has ever been around younger children before. We also had to take Rio home early as Kim seemed to agitate him and he sat under our feet for most of the barbecue just staring at Kim and then up at us. So we made that our cue to leave.

Rio has a sweet nature, as I'm sure which you will agree with when it comes to your Cavs too. I was just wondering if we keep introducing Nathan and Rio and obviously while he is young and get him used to the smells, sounds and needs of a newborn baby.

Do you think this will let him grow up with a positive and not possesive attitude like Kim? We have lots of family gatherings and it would be upsetting if Rio could no longer be included. He is part of the family too.

We are having to re-think the issue of Kim coming from now on to gatherings, because of his hostility towards the baby and Rio.

My sisters, cousins and I all grew up alongside our Grandparents dogs, Sheila and Arran, both were not spayed or neutered and not once did they ever snap, growl, show their teeth, or even try to bite us as we grew up. If anything they were very protective of us when we were children, and that is what gave us all the love of dogs.

I would appreciate any advice on how you introduced your Cavs to your/other relatives/people's children and babies and how they all get on together?

Oh we also have the baby's scent on a blanket which we have been taking out over the past few days and letting Rio sniff at. Is this also a good/bad idea?

Thank You


2nd May 2007, 12:13 AM
Rio sounds as if he is adapting very well to the new baby and is showing all of the right signs of acceptance. You are doing a great job by letting him get used to the new smells and it really seems like you are in tune with his emotions. ;)

I would be a bit worried about Kim though...terriers don't always accept change very quickly, so it is important for Kim's owners to be really attentive to his possessivness. Way too often have I seen terriers (and shih tzus and lhasas) end up in shelters because they didn't get on with the new baby (or worse...snapping or biting the new baby). I would recomend for them to consult a trainer and they should take the same steps that you are taking with Rio.

Cathy T
2nd May 2007, 01:06 AM
Sounds like you are doing a great job with Rio and the baby. I love that you are allowing them to get to know each other through smells. Kim does have me a bit concerned though with the jealousy issues.

2nd May 2007, 10:13 AM

You are spot on with the way you have handled this with Rio so far carry on with what you are doing and you will have a well adapted dog around young children for life!

Terriers do have a more guarding temperament and it sounds like Kim is most likely jealous of the attention these pesky new arrivals are getting, I agree that Kim should be introduced to these babies in a similar fashion, but get every-one to make a big fuss of Kim first rather than the baby so she doesn't feel that her position has been usurped!

When I bought my twins home I made a point of going into the house on my own first to say hello to my dogs again, then we bought the babies in. I haven't had any bother with any of the dogs and the kids really, my sons are special needs and can be rather rough with them, yet they seem to understand and tolerate them very well.

Keep up the good work!