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3rd May 2007, 11:53 AM
Cannot believe this woman is able to operate in this way or anyone would buy in these circumstances, but people may know of this person or know people who have bought dogs from her.

HEALTH CONCERNS: Dogs Sold at Roadside Possibly Infected With Brucellosis

_Amanda Haines_
City Governement and Health reporter

The Lewis County Health Department is warning anyone who has purchased or
adopted a dog from a rural Lewis County womano have that dog tested for canine
brucellosis, a dangerous bacterial infection.

According to the health department, a dog owned by a dog breeder and rescuer
tested positive for the disease earlier this week. A total of four dogs are
believed to have the disease, as of this morning.

Because the infected dogs were in close contact with more than 110 dogs, it
is very likely more dogs are infected with the disease.

And, because the breeder kept no records, there is no way to predict how
many more dogs with the disease have been sold.

This breeder, who lives in the Ethel-Toledo area, sells several breeds of
purebred and "designer" mixed breeds, including pugles (beagle-pug mix) and
terrier-Chihuahua mixes. In addition, she rescues dogs of all breeds and adopts
them out.

All of the 110 dogs on her property have been tested for the disease, but
the health department is advising anyone who may have bought or adopted a dog
since mid-February to have the animal tested by a veterinarian.

At-risk dogs were sold along state Route 508 near Mary's Corner, on U.S.
Highway 12 at or near the Ethel Market, or from a parking lot at Interstate 5
exit 79 in Chehalis. The breeder's identity is confidential, as she has done
nothing illegal. She is described as a woman in her 20s or 30s. She sells the
dogs out of a red car.
The Department of Agriculture has quarantined the breeder's property and she
is forbidden to sell, give away, or otherwise remove any of the animals now
there, said Kathleen Eussen, health department director.

Canine brucellosis is a bacterial infection that causes abortions and
infertility in females, and reproductive problems and infertility in males. Because
treatment is rarely successful in dogs, it is recommended that dogs with the
disease be euthanized. Symptoms may be unnoticed in females, but males may
have testicular swelling and infections. Other possible symptoms include
lethargy, loss of libido, premature aging and swollen lymph nodes, according to
the International Veterinary Information Service.

The disease, which may be transmitted to humans, is very rare in Washington.

For information, telephone a veterinarian or the health department at

3rd May 2007, 12:47 PM
just want to add something to that Karlin:

For information, telephone a veterinarian or the health department at 360-740-1222.

The area code was left out for some strange reason in that article.

Believe it or not that is right in my BACK YARD! I live not 30 minutes from that lady. I can't believe she's able to do that!! Apparently Lewis County is investigating this lady and hopefully they do a thorough investigation.

Faith is coming back home with me in June but I've been told there is really nothing to worry about unless she comes in contact with those dogs (which is highly unlikely.) Is there any sort of vaccination that can be given to prevent it?