View Full Version : Frozen NV bones

10th May 2007, 02:16 PM
So I am quite curious about feeding these as I am a OCD germa-phobe. I bit the bullet last night and bought 2 frozen bison bones that have the marrow still inside of them from my favorite petshop.

I know lots of you feed Turkey necks...do you feed them the NV kind or from the butcher?

Do you defrost the bone first? If you give it to them frozen, can you re-freeze it afterwards? How do you deal with clean up?

I baby gated Cody in the kitchen to see how he would like it and he LOOOOVED the bone. He didn't really chew it, but he just licked half of the marrow out of it. He also ate it on his dog bed :eek: So of course that went straight into the wash afterwards. How sanitary is this?