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Mabel's Mom
13th May 2007, 06:31 PM
Mabel has been gone for about 2 months now. It seems like she was just here, and yet it's also seems like an eternity. I'm a cavalier mom without a baby. I miss her so much. I still look for her when I come home. She gave me a little party everytime I walked through the door. I was driving home yesterday, and thought I can't wait to get home and take Mabel for a walk, she'll love it. When I wake up I still expect to feel the warm weight of her against my leg or on my pillow. I even miss that snore. She was my best friend and my forever baby. On windy days she would face the wind and sniff while her ears flapped up sideways. She gave the best nose licks. She was beautiful.
I'm getting the urge to look for a new baby. But I want to remodel the kitchen and fence the yard first, and that will take some time. Until then, I read all of your postings and live the cavalier life vicariously through you and with wonderful memories of Mabel.

Barbara Nixon
13th May 2007, 07:03 PM
Do get another pet (or two). You will never replace Mabel, but you can love another equally.

Losing Izzy was easier for me for two reasons: I didn't have to make a decision, which was looming and I have others. I sometimes catch one of the others out of the corner of my eye and, for a second, asssume it's Izzy and when I'm sitting watching tv and snacking, I look down expecting him, in his usual place, eyes pleading for a titbit. Only on Friday, I was cleaning out the pantry and found a jar of meatpaste, which was bought to put his tablets in and I've gone petstore shopping and thought I'd get such and such, because Izzy likes it, then remeber that I don' t have fussy eater, now.

13th May 2007, 07:24 PM
Oh Karin!

Your post bought tears to my eye's, I know exactly how you feel even though I have more than my fair share of Cavaliers being an on/off (more off right now!) breeder. There is always one who just captures your heart that little bit more, for me it was a wonderul dog called Chad :luv: If you look in the picture gallery you will find a thread I started called "Meet Logan". Logan is Chad's Great Grandson and, in the puppy gallery there is a picture of my daughter with our only puppy for over a year now, Darcy, he is Chad's Gt,Gt,Gt grandson! They are both equally as precious to me now as indeed are all my dogs :lotsaluv:

Chad was my first really good showdog, he sired my first litter, he gave me wonderful daughters, sound healthy girls on whom my entire line is based today, he lives on in all but one of my current dogs and that is a legacy I cherish so very much.

I lost Chad back in 2002 to MVD, just before his 10th Birthday, I had to make THAT decision for him too, so please believe me when I tell you I know how you feel. To this day I still look for him when I get home, I will try and get a picture up of him once I get a scanner hooked up to this new computer, he gave me so much, but the very most precious things he gave me were very happy memories and unconditional love to the end, whilst I am breeding my dogs he will always live on for there is a part of him in every generation and that comforts me no end, it is so funny to see one of his descendants suddenly do something that Chad would have done, spooky almost, but also comforting.

It is due to Chad's MVD, which only came on in later life, he was only very ill for the last 6 months of his life, that I support the current advised protocols when breeding a litter.

Anyway, I am sure you will be a Cavalier "Mum" again in the future, there is a pup out there with your name on it, it most likely hasn't been born yet, but believe me that pup is biding it's time and when it's right you will meet up, I am sure of it!!

Sorry this is so long, just struck a nerve is all! :flwr:

14th May 2007, 12:43 PM
I can feel your sadness it is so hard to lose our sweet baby's. My advise is to get another dog it helps with the greive you will never forget mabel, but you need a little fur baby to help you.

14th May 2007, 02:44 PM
When we made the choice to let Jessie go in Oct I told my kids I would need time, but definately life without a dog was unimaginable - so we would be getting another one at some point. I surprised myself that the choice to get another pet happened so fast but not for obvious reasons. I knew I would be devastated when Jessie was gone, but honestly, I was far more devastated than even I imagined. I could not bare the silence on the floors or lack of being greeted when coming home and started my hunt within the month. Kodee was arranged and here within 3 mths. Best thing I ever did. She is not Jessie, they are so different, I still think and miss her everyday - but the memories of her watching Kodee grow live happily in my mind now. It helps to look forward with Kodee but back with kind memories of Jessie.

Friday's Mommy
14th May 2007, 03:50 PM
Mabel was such a sweetie. I can see why you miss her so much. We lost my Golden, Molly this last fall. We were all so sad including Friday. Friday couldn't handle a puppy with her health issues so the rescues we've adopted since have been wonderful. The newest one reminds us of Molly. She has more mannerisms our Golden Retriever than she does a cavalier. No dog will ever replace her but we've found a new joy in getting another one. So has Friday. You'll know when the time is right for a another sweetie.

matties mum
16th May 2007, 12:54 PM
I think that what you wrote touch a few of us who have lost our beloved dogs
If I was you I would very sowly start to look for another dog not to replace Mabel but to give a dog a good home every dog has there own place in your heart
Good luck
Aileen and the gang ( Jazzie---Barney---Sam)

19th May 2007, 10:13 PM
Karin, I lost my pup at 7 months earlier this year, it's his first birthday today so what you have written is very poignant to me. I had a new beautiful Cavalier just under three months later. I was going to wait to have the kitchen extended and a patio laid...who was I kidding! He's not a replacement for my precious George but he is wonderful in his own right and he makes my day.