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14th May 2007, 09:58 PM
My new puppy Bella is totally afraid of other dogs. Last week she had her final shots and we've started taking her out a lot more to parks and on short walks and everytime a dog is in sight she gets really scared and cowards behind us. I could understand her being afraid of bigger dogs but she is even afraid of smaller dogs and puppies her same size. I am shocked by this as she grew up with 20 other dogs at the breeders. I am thinking of sending her to a puppy day care program once or twice a week to get her more socialized but I don't want her to go there and be terrified. Is this typical of Cavaliers? Should I be worried?

14th May 2007, 11:40 PM
It is very different for a puppy to meet strange dogs than it is to socialise with their own litter mates & family dogs. Puppy school will be wonderful for Bella. I am currently taking Beau to puppy classes and though he has always been a confident little fellow, it is interesting watching some of the other puppies that join and are terrified initially. After a very short time they all come out of their shells & are bopping around with the other dogs, big & small.

Go for it! :thmbsup:

15th May 2007, 09:16 AM
My cavalier finn is the same he's 12 weeks old when he see's my friends dog or any other one he wants to come up to me but I just keep talking to him and walking he will wait for the other dog to look away before passing it. I'm sure he will get used to other dogs in time.:)

Like you he's been in up until now so it will take some getting used to it's a big world out there now for them:confused:

Emma n Renco
15th May 2007, 10:22 AM
We have the same problem, and we started puppy classes nearly a month ago and Harvey is sooo terrified. The only thing that ever happened was that a cat scared him when we just got him and the cat was bigger than him. He was the dominant one in the litter and full of life, but if he sees a smaller dog, his tail goes between his legs and he cowers away. If you find a way to make your baby more social please keep me updated as we would love to see him play with other dogs..

15th May 2007, 11:51 AM
I thinkit would be wise to try not to "coddle" him when he is scared like that. They pick up on your anxierty and if you baby him when he acts like that then he will reallythink there is something to be afraid of. But if you ignore his behavior then he might get the hint that the situation is ok and he may feel more confident.

I speak from experience!! Oliver was my first dog that I owned by myself (I had a dog growing up). The trainer told me that I coddled him too much in these situations because I didn't know. Now I have a "scaredy-cat" dog! :) I have learned a lot of things that I would do differently when I get another puppy...someday!

15th May 2007, 11:52 AM
Sorry- her! Bella is a girl! :)

18th June 2007, 10:31 PM
Molly is getting a little better now that she has spent more time with a variety of dogs, but sometimes the tail still goes between the legs, and she cowers, especially with big dogs. I was so proud of her recently when her tail stayed straight out behind her (or was it up? anyway, not between her legs) when she met a larger dog. :rah:

But here's my question... what if the other dog is... not aggressive, but is playing with Molly in such a way that I think Molly could be hurt? Like, pawing at her? I don't know exactly what to do... should I let her stand up for herself? But will she!?


18th June 2007, 10:45 PM
I would definitely take Bella to a puppy class. Teddy was the shyest of the litter and you would never guess right now. We went to a puppy class and have continued to do classes (puppy agility and now he is starting the next obedience class) Now he is very social. That being said, he will get really close to the ground when going up to a dog he is unsure of, while wagging his bottom and tail of course!

You do have to protect your dog (Molly). At puppy class our trainer said to monitor your dog playing - it should be pretty equal on both sides or you should walk away with your dog. Some dogs are so big they don't know how to play well with a smaller dog, so supervision is necessary.

18th June 2007, 11:01 PM
This makes me smile, because Amber was the total opposite. Absolutely fearless. I treasure the memory of an itty bitty 12 week old Amber marching up to investigate a big old Newfoundland. The expression of resignation on the Newfie's face was priceless. :lol:

18th June 2007, 11:36 PM
Ruby is almost 6 months old and is just now starting to like other dogs/cats. She was terrified in puppy class and still isn't the most confident dog. She is definitely a submissive dog and still kind of tucks her wagging tail when she meets new animals. She was bowing down and barking at our friend's cat this weekend trying to get him to play, but he was not the nicest cat and pretty much just hissed at her the whole time. I really think it was just a stage she was going through. I'm hoping she gets even better, but that'll just come with socializing her more. I take her with me whenever I can to introduce her to new settings, people, animals, etc. Good luck with Bella!! I'm sure she'll get better...

Cathy Moon
19th June 2007, 02:17 AM
I would look for a puppy kindergarten class that has other small dogs. Puppy kindergarten is wonderful because they get plenty of socialization time, plus the instructor can answer all kinds of questions and help with problem solving. If there are larger breed puppies in the class, the instructor should allow larger breeds to socialize separately from the smallies.

Please let us know if you find a class!:)