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18th May 2007, 05:26 PM
Hi guys,

I need help!!! I am desperate.

I am going home to WA in a few weeks and Avi is maybe changing his mind about coming with me. So, he can come! that's not a big deal.. the dogs.. well they have to come too of course so that's my problem.. :o (they will be perfectly fine with me and my family and my family's dogs..!) I am not considering boarding them because i'd rather they were with me. It's not like I go anywhere that they can't come when i am back home anyways.. just visiting a lot of family members with BIG BACK YARDS! :w**h**: for them! I also want to take them to the beach and i can't do that here

So I can take them ON flight but I can't get a direct flight from TOR to SEA that they can be in the cabin with us. So I can choose connections and have them in the cabin, but Avi thinks they are too big to be under the seat. I have to admit, it's close. Kosmo is 15lbs and is TALL. Faith is 15lbs and is short and fat. She'll do OK but I'm still worried. It's hard to have dogs and have connections. (I know from experience.)

Option B is to go on a direct flight and put them in the belly. They can be in seperate carriers OR providing they don't weigh over 31lbs (YIKES! CLOSE!) they can be in the same carrier. They may weigh like 31.2 or something.. I don't know how strict they are on that :yikes

What would you do in my shoes? Is it better for them to be in the same crate or different ones? They don't fight so I'm not worried about that but it might be more comforting for them to be with each other, right?


18th May 2007, 06:15 PM
When my mother flew to see me with her 15 pound Bichon (who is too long for the airline approved size kennel) she got a note from her doctor saying that her dog, Ghaillee, was an "emotional support animal". With this note she could take her dog out from her kennel on the plane except for when the plane was taking off and landing. Do you get anxious flying? Maybe Avi does as well...

18th May 2007, 06:45 PM
Kos is a certified therapy dog (and I am sure that Avi is terrified of flying, right?)....and then Fatty Faith can fit under the seat!! ;)

18th May 2007, 07:28 PM
Kos is a certified therapy dog (and I am sure that Avi is terrified of flying, right?)....and then Fatty Faith can fit under the seat!! ;)I was just gonna use the therapy dog thing!! Its worth a shot at least. If not definately a direct flight and I think they'd be ok in separate crates if they could be nose to nose - see each other, get noses together... can you tell I have never seen where they go so I dont know if that is possible. Only you know if your dogs can last in a bumpy ride in the same crate. put them in the car in one and go down a dirt road - no really i am not trying to be funny, i do mean that.

20th May 2007, 11:23 AM
Sara, that is a tough one. I have never had to fly my dogs anywhere, so I am no expert. But in all the options that you give, I am thinking a direct flight with the 2 in the same crate would be the best for them and you and Avi.

20th May 2007, 03:26 PM
Stupid question here, and I'm sure you've checked this, but does the AIRLINE itself allow you to put 2 dogs in the same crate? Seems like I read somewhere on Delta, at least, that it's one dog per crate...maybe I am making this up but I didn't want you to get surprised. In my limited experiences with others taking dogs under the seat in front of them, no one has ever had a problem, and many dogs were almost 20-21 pounds or so. Most dogs were able to come out and sit on the owners' lap for awhile , although I'm sure you can get a cranky flight attendant....just a thought... either way you will have thought this out for a LOONG time and your decision will be the right one for you! :flwr:-Natalie