View Full Version : Tricks?

19th May 2007, 01:10 AM
What tricks do your dogs know?

Fjalar: Come, sit, down, shake paw, stay, jump, kiss, shake, find treats, find mommy, fetch, stand and more.. He also understands out, yes, eat, run, play, many dognames like Bono and more, mom, Molder, Mirra, treats, no, home, sleep, bye.. Agility.

Molder: Come, sit, stay, down, find treats, jump.. He understands no, yes, out, eat, Fjalar, Mirra, treats, sleep and more.. Agility.

Mirra: Come, sit, down, stay, roll over, cage and some tricks with clicker. She understands no, yes, eat, out, treats, sleep, cage, sofa.