View Full Version : PTS :( URGENT: Cavapoo? surrender at pound

24th May 2007, 09:08 PM
This is another one that will only get a day or so before being pts. To me this looks like a Cav/poodle cross or cav/terrier, with that tail and that face colouring and ears being pretty tell-tale. So am posting him in case anyone might have a home in mind or wish to take him on. Ironically you'd pay $1000 to $1500 to buy one from a designer dog breeder. :mad: A very attractive little guy.


Please note I am not the rescue dealing with this dog; any offers of help or interest in adopting, call Marie at the number on this link, please:


This dog is in Ashton pound in Dublin. Moresuited to an adult home according to the post on the other board.

31st May 2007, 03:32 PM
No help or homes came. Put to sleep. :(

brid kenny
31st May 2007, 03:49 PM
That's awful Karlin. Just saw message. I did tell Marie last week that I could foster him. So sad.

31st May 2007, 05:27 PM
Oh that is really kind of you -- I didn't know you'd gone directly to her; you are very good. She must not have had anywhere for him to go after. There may have been a problem with him, too -- there was no other note on his pts thread and if there's any behaviour issue they won't rehome (eg ifsnappy). :( I was hoping he would get a home from the pound, as he looked like a very handsome dog. Sometimes they pts before anyone gets the chance to get them out, too -- surrenders can be pts immediately though they usually give them a least 24 hours (not long I know!). The pounds are very full at the moment.