View Full Version : A New Cavalier Book, Check this out!!

28th May 2007, 10:52 PM
A few years ago I bought the most lovely book written by one of the well known U.S Breeders, it was full of useful info and some really lovely (albeit Black and White) pictures of the breed. This book is now out of print and highly collectable (Lucky me, the author signed mine!!)

Anyway, the same breeder has written a new book, 2 actually and details are now up on her website along with a "Sneak Peek" at a page from each chapter of both books. They are well worth a look at! Who nows you may even be tempted. If you do order your book via the link from her website you can dictate what you want her to sign in the book for you!!

Anyway, if you are interested then log onto www.laughingcavaliers.com and follow the directions!!

Mine's in the post already!!