View Full Version : another cavie in my area!

31st May 2007, 04:22 AM
i work at a bank and one of my tellers says to me one day, hey that dog looks like yours (i've brought brady to visit many times on my days off and such) and i was like yeah right it's probably a cocker not a cavie, but i turn around, and look at the dog sitting in the car in the drive up and it's a tri color! i was so excited. this is a regular customer too so i know i will be seeing a lot of him. in fact, i already have seen him several times. i told the dog dad that it's okay for him to bring his little guy in for a visit sometimes, and he has. i was so happy when i saw his little guy and i was able to give him a little snuggle and pet. it made me want to go him and play with brady. but it just lifted up my day. in fact even if i can just seem him in the drive up and see his cute little face when we send out a treat it makes my day. :)

ahh the simple joys of being a dog lover....

(and i'm sorry if I already told this story....i don't remember if i did or not)

1st June 2007, 01:34 AM
I love seeing other cavaliers too! We have one in our neighborhood, and see them only occasionally on walks. When we see him from a distance we run to go see him!!

I meant to post to your Brady pictures - Brady is super cute :). My Teddy looks a lot like him. He has the same long fur on the sides of his face. I call them his sideburns! Colin, my blenheim, doesn't have them at all. Teddy is also very furry for a 6 month old. We went to see his breeder this last weekend (she has some of his siblings she kept) and they weren't near as furry on the legs or chest! I will try and post an updated picture here soon so you can see him.