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31st May 2007, 10:16 AM
I have always feed my 3 seperate more to make sure they are all eating properly and not 1 getting more than enough. Occasionally i will put food down for 1 and one of the others will get in or they get in when im feeding the cats and they all eat together happily.
All though Sam who loves he food more than life its self, has always been fine around the others eating whatever its their dinner or treats but for the last couple of weeks he has been really aggresive over anything he puts in his mouth even if its not food.
This is not just with the dogs it is with us as well. Yesterday he had my 7 yr olds toy in his mouth so my son went to take it away and he actually went for him, no growl or anything just snapped at him. We have never used food as a reward for Sam because of his weight issue we always use praise which he loves. What is the best way for us to deal with this, when he growls or goes for the other dogs over food we just take him away from the situation and give him some time out, but in the case of been like this with us also can get very growley if he has something he shouldnt and we try to take it away usually by trying to distract him. this does usually work and he will stand guard over what ever it is and growls away.
We are going on holidays next week and my plan was for the 3 of them to share the same kennel but i dont think this is going to be possible.
Any advise.

31st May 2007, 12:01 PM
There are several earlier threads on this topic and if you search on food aggression or food guarding you will get quite a few. I think Tara has also posted advice once or twice on these discussions as well.

This is an ongoing training issue and it won;t go away withint three weeks so if there are any guarding issues Sam should not be sharing a kennel with the others unless the kennel knows specifically how to manage this problem if it is ONLY feeding time related; but not if it is manifesting itself as potential fights with the others over toys or the bed. If that's the case he needs his own kennel. We have kenneled him before when he was in foster and he is great on his own so this will not be an issue for him. :)

Here are two training sheets on this issue:


31st May 2007, 12:27 PM
thanks Karlin will have aread of these. I think they will be ok. the vet were they are staying says he will feed them seperate but will kee-p a close eye. If he feels they need it he will seperate them.
I am just curious why this would have started now, nothing has changed only maybe Megan i know for the first few days she guarded her bowl, but i dont see how this would have affected Sam as he wasnt in the room for them days with her, and they also got on great together.