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2nd June 2007, 08:32 PM
Wondering if anybody here has heard of Orijen dog food?? It's originally made in Canada but they are selling it in a few states too.

It looks to be really comparative to the ingredients of Evo as far as I can tell..

Somehow Faith developed some kind of intolerance to the Evo she's been on for a few months and she's no longer able to eat it without getting the runs. We were in and out of the vets for about 2 weeks and then I got really frustrated and switched her to 100% RAW and her very next poop was perfect :huh: She snuck some of KOsmo's food earlier in the week and that night she was sick again .. Ugh.. I would like them to be on the same dry kibble at least so I am looking to find something else that she can tolerate. I like giving her 1/2 kibble and 1/2 raw. (RAW in the morning and Kibble in the evening - never together at the same time!)

I am going to at least try this Orijen food but I'm wondering if anybody else has heard of it or tried it?? ;)

Thanks guys!

2nd June 2007, 09:36 PM
I have seen Orijen on sale on zooplus.ie -- looks like a good food. One of our Danish members asked about it in a thread here recently.

That 'rule' about not feeding kibble and raw at the same time is really questionable (and inconvenient) -- given that dogs can eat just about anything as omnivores, and that we humans can eat cooked and raw food (eg say a salad and pasta) at the same time with no loss of health benefits, why would it matter to a dog, which is supposed to have an iron-clad short digestive system that can handle e coli and salmonella? There is no scientific evidence that somehow nutrients are absorbed less efficiently because the two are mixed, and I can't see how an animal that can eat rotten carcasses with no bad effect (as I can testify! Ewww) would have any digestive problems with raw and kibbles mixed.

Or look at it this way: if you feed at 8 am and then at 5 pm the first meal is still being digested so the two foods are mixing anyway. If you feed a single cooked treat, a single baked dog biscuit or piece of tripe or anything of the sort, you've then mixed raw and processed/cooked food. To avoid the mixing, you'd have to starve the dog for 12-24 hours after each meal. The nutrients are not absorbed from the stomach but the intestines where all that food will mix and hang around for about 12-24 hours as it passes through the digestive system.

A lot of the raw food companies that make dry as well, actually design their kibble to be supplemented with raw and I don't think they'd be doing this if there were real evidence that one would offset the other.

I'd do whatever works conveniently for you! :)

2nd June 2007, 09:44 PM
This is what Zooplus says:


You can click on thebags to get more info on individual types of their food. :)

Detail on the regular food:


The thing I'd wonder about many of these foods though is that there are so many darned ingredients in them -- they aren't exactly simple foods. The sheer amount of stuff in them would seem to increase the chances of intolerances or allergies in susceptible dogs... or make it harder to figure out what a dog is reacting too, if the food doesn't work out. There's several protein sources, a whole range of vegetables, herbs etc etc. That said it looks very good. Very expensive for us over here though!