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4th June 2007, 01:03 AM
Cathryn wishes to document the process she is about to go through, of MRIing two of her breeding bitches through her CKCS club's low cost MRI scheme in June. Once they are MRI'd she will have a certificate on their syringomyelia status and this can be used to inform breeding decisions.

I will let her share more about why she wants to share this experience and her thoughts on the subject, but I know we can all appreciate that this is a major and serious decision for any breeder and that we are privileged to be included in this very personal process. I know I will learn much from her thoughts and ideas.

Cathryn will set up one or more closed threads into which she can post in a diary-like form (or whatever way she chooses). As with Bruce's breeding forum, I think it is important to have uncluttered closed threads into which Cathryn alone can post. People can then start, or post into existing open threads, to comment, ask questions, and react.

Cathryn's threads and this explanatory thread will all be pinned to the top of the forum to make it easy for people to follow the main discussion.

Cathryn is a moderator in this forum to let her manage the threads. :)