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4th June 2007, 12:47 AM
Hi! I was wondering at what temperature I should not go outside with my dog. Our apartments do not allow air conditioner units in the windows, as they feel it takes away from the look of the place (SO ridiculous - this is the same place that doesn't allow animals in the grass, as they may "stain" it), however we have a floor unit in our bedroom, so at least when we are at home, Bailey is ok. I have noticed though that sometimes he doesn't feel like going in there, even when it's VERY hot in our living room.

I noticed today though that he was panting pretty heavily at the park, so we only stayed about 30 minutes instead of an hour like normal. Is there a certain temperature where I should avoid going outside with him? Today was about 85ish. We always bring water, and have the AC on in the car when we are driving too and from the park. I am probably over worrying, but this is our first dog, and I don't want anything bad to happen to him. Is it normal for them to be panting a lot in the summer? Thanks!!

Ooh on a side note, I've posted before about him whining at the park a lot. Well the past two times that my boyfriend and I took him together, he didn't whine at all! It seems he only whines when we take him without each other haha...

4th June 2007, 02:42 AM
Hi Jessieca

I am not sure what temperature is the cut-off point but I suspect it varies not only from breed to breed but also from dog to dog. I know that with my guys, one will choose to lay in the summer sun, lapping it up, while another will look positively distressed. I think the smart thing is to take the cue from the dog. If he is looking a little lethargic or panting heavily, then that is the time to keep him inside & in the cool.

4th June 2007, 05:37 AM
Ok thanks. He was still running around playing, and seemed happy, but he was panting a lot. I think I may try to take him out in the mornings or later in the evening when it's a bit cooler on some of these hot days.

Bruce H
4th June 2007, 12:00 PM
I really think you have to play it by ear and pay close attention to him. A dog can be in a shady area a lot longer than an area out in the sun, just like us.

I would suggest bringing a water bottle with, especially on the hot days. When we are at a show, we use a squirt bottle and just squirt water right in our dogs mouth. Works great!