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4th June 2007, 12:36 PM
Firstly I would like to Thank Karlin for allowing me to do this, it has been a tough decision to make but ultimately I feel it is the right one, both to have these scans done and to share things with you as I get closer to the actual scan date.

A quick history is called for I believe, firstly on myself and later on the 2 girls I have chosen for the scans. I warn you I am famous for "essay" length postings so here we go!

Some of you know me form another forum I used to be very active on, but for those of you who don't, I am a stay at home Mum of 4 (5 if you count the OH!) the dogs (furkids!) were here before the children and have been a lifelong obsession. My first Cavalier was actually my sister's, I took him on when she went off to university, sadly we were to discover that he had MVD although he did live to be almost 13! It was through "Charlie" that I met my OH. out walking the dog! Charlie was 11 then and also had a lung condition, he had been given 72 hours to live, life without a dog was unthinkable so I was allowed to buy a puppy on the understanding that it came with me when I married later in the year, Caspar came into our lives and was followed by my wedding present from my OH, another Blenheim boy called Merlin!
By now I was getting interested in showing and we had a few successes with Merlin but he was not the show dog I was really looking for, Merlin did however have a very significant role to play by siring my beautiful brood bitch Charm. A third Blenheim boy entered our lives, Chad, he was to be the one who got things rolling for me, he was a son of the illustrious Ch.Toraylac Joshua and his mum was Ch.Harana Christa of Toraylac so he was as they say in the dog world "Bred to the Blue"!!

It was a Chad daughter, mated to Merlin who gave me my beautiful Charm, very sadly we lost her in December 2005 when with no warning at all the left ventricle tore in her heart, very quick but it tore my own heart to pieces. Charm is behind 12 of my current 13 dogs today, quite a legacy she left me, the best part of her was in her handsome son Logan (my avatar!) I also have his sister Sophie and their younger half sisters Rosie and Cherry.
I mated Logan to his half sister Rosie and had a lovely litter keeping one girl called Tasha, I was so pleased with the litter that I repeated this mating the following year and this time I kept 2 girls, Bella and Crystal.

Now there is a reason for this long post as it is the background of the 2 girls I have chosen to MRI, Tasha and Bella, I will introduce you to them in their own threads. Basically I have 3 sisters who are tightly line bred, they have the same grandmother on both sides, although tracing further back things spread out quite a lot! These 3 girls represent my breeding future, I want to know NOW if I have any potential problems and what I need to do if I am to produce healthy stock in the future who will hopefully be SM free!

I shall be posting a couple of more threads in the next couple of days explaining a bit more about how I arrived at my decision, my thoughts and experiences and also my feelings.

I adore my dogs, they are firstly my very much loved pets, some get shown, some have Puppies yes, but they are my "Furkids" first and last, I would hate to know that I have bred a baby that would have a horrifically painful condition, this would also give that baby's family great distress and the baby in question a shorter life, no, I simply cannot bear to think about that happening.

Anyway, there you have a bit of background, feel free to ask me any questions you like, I shall try to answer them as honestly as possible, but can only speak from my own personnal experience!

Lastly, the reason I am NOT scanning Crystal is because she is expecting the patter of tiny paws at the end of the month!! :D