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5th June 2007, 12:39 AM
I can finally post on here without crying. About 10 days ago, I was walking into the grooming shop, where I work as a groomer, I had our little 12 week old blenheim puppy named TinkerBell on a leash.

I didn't even have one foot in the door, when a chow being checked in, grabbed TinkerBell in his mouth and began what I call a death shake. Back and forth, the owner could not get the dog to drop TinkerBell, I finally hit his dog and TinkerBell fell to the ground screaming the whole time.

I immediatly ran out of the shop and drove to the nearest vet. TinkerBell was screaming and shaking. They had to x-ray her and would not let me stay with her. So I drove back to the shop to get this mans information and to my dismay the chow was still there with its sibling, another chow. I screamed to the owner and asked her why this dog was still here and she replied that she was going to groom them. I then proceded to ask her if she was out of her mind after what the chow had done to TinkerBell. She then went on to say that these things happen and she that she really couldn't tell if the dog was all that mean until she got them up on the table. I then began to rant about how she had no morals as there were 5 other customers dogs in the shop waiting to be groomed, yet she was going to allow the chow to stay. Needless to say, I quit...

Back at the vet, I get a call from the man with chow, wanting to know if TinkerBell had her rabies shot as his wife was supposedly bitten by TinkerBell. I told him that TinkerBell had just had her vacc. the day before. I then told him that his dog was beyond fiscious and that this was totally unacceptable. He then told me that his dog did NOTHING wrong and that my puppy instigated the whole scene.

At this point, I think I am in an episode of the old US show called The Twilight Zone. Who in there right mind would think a puppy would provoke a chow by just walking by it. He then told me not to contact him with any bills b/c he had no intention of paying them! I then lost him and called him words that I cannot say here.

TinkerBell was found to have no internal damage, but had many teeth bite wounds, one that would later abcess. She has been limping and could not walk at all the first 2 days after this happened. She was on 2 pain meds and antibiotics. She is still limping slightly, but each day is an improvement over the last. I thank god every day.

This man I later found out, is a retired state trooper. I am disgusted, but glad that TinkerBell will be okay. I am going to pursue the shop owner with the bills, as she has insurance for these type of things. The animal control would did nothing, since the dog bit another dog, not a person.

The next time, it will be a person.

5th June 2007, 12:49 AM
oh my goodness, Jenny...I cannot even say how sorry I am that this happened to your poor tinkerbell. I was getting enraged just hearing about that guy!!! I would have said some very choice words myself to him. Can you not take legal recourse and get him to at least pay the bills? Ugh, Fiona and I will keep Tinkerbell in our thoughts...feel better. :(

5th June 2007, 12:51 AM

How awful! I'm sure that both you and Tinkerbell will be affected by this incident for sometime. Hope she's feeling better soon!

5th June 2007, 12:52 AM
OMG ... that is just awful :(

I am glad she is recovering and Lucky and I are crossing our fingers (and paws) for her continued recovery. :xfngr: :paw:

5th June 2007, 12:54 AM
That brought tears to my eyes. I hope Tinkerbell is continuing to get better. People like that man should not own dogs - period. If your dog hurts another living being, you take responsibility for it. I am so sorry for you and Tinkerbell. Lots of kisses from Colin and Teddy :)

5th June 2007, 01:26 AM
I'm so sorry you both had to go through all of that but glad Tinkerbell is getting better

5th June 2007, 01:28 AM

Just horrific. :( I cannot believe a dog that attacks another dog, much less a *puppy*, cannot be held to account (or rather, the owner). I'm so glad she is OK and recovering.

5th June 2007, 01:31 AM
I am in tears reading this, Jenny37. I cannot believe this. This is one of the most horrible stories that I have ever heard. I cannot believe that this horrible man would endanger the lives of other dogs; even people, by letting a vicious dog such as his go unchecked.

I hate to say this, and I'm sure I'll be called on for this, but I'd hire a lawyer. I'd make it really hard for him. I really couldn't care what it costs at this point. I am so glad that Tinkerbell is slowly healing. Time will be of value here; she will gradually forget and I am sure she will thank you everyday for being her great owner; who cares so much about her adoring loving puppy. And there are PLENTY of other places with morals for you to work in. I am sickened by this.
Gentle hugs to little Tinkerbell and your whole family.:hug: -Natalie

5th June 2007, 01:51 AM
That is both horrific & disgraceful. Here in Australia if that happened at the very least the owner of the chow would be fined & would be made ensure his dog wore a muzzle when in public... but depending on circumstances and the history of the dog he could even be ordered to have him put down.

I just can not believe the response of the business owner. Wow if that isn't a case of the almighty dollar coming before everything else I'll eat my hat. I'd be spitting blood!

Thank goodness Tinkerbell is going to be ok. :hug:

5th June 2007, 01:51 AM
Jenny....That is just a horrible outrageous story. I am sickened by the owners of the Chow and the owner of the shop. The same thing happened to me when Lily was just 4 mos old at the Vet. Luckily, when I saw the GSD mix lunge at her, I was able to snatch her up just in time. Lily was screaming out of fright and the owner never said a word to me or her dog. She just looked at me as if Lily had provoked her dog! People like that should not be allowed to own dogs. I am so glad to hear Tinkerbell will be o.k. Hugs coming your way. :hug:

5th June 2007, 01:55 AM
I'm still tearing from reading this. How horrible this should happen to Tinkerbell! I am so sorry. Hope she gets well soon. *hugs* for your baby Tinkerbell.

5th June 2007, 02:09 AM
My jaw absolutely dropped when I read this...I can't believe the gall of both the groomer and the owner!! I can't even type because I am soo flipping pissed!!:mad:

Sarah J
5th June 2007, 02:25 AM
You have my complete sympathies...You poor thing...If it were me in your position i would have been inclined to hit that man! I wonder if he would have cared if it was the other way round and your dog had nearly killed his!! (Not that a Cav would ever dare!!)

I hope all is getter better, Love and cuddles :)

5th June 2007, 02:40 AM
sending both of you my best wishes.

Cathy T
5th June 2007, 02:52 AM
:swear: Jenny - that is just horrible! I am appalled and outraged. I was so afraid you were going to say the chow had killed Tinkerbell...I was holding my breath. Thank God she is going to be okay. Oh...I would definitely report this to animal control. That was a flat out vicious attack. I tell you....had I been there I would have been kicking and smacking like crazy at that chow....no one is going to hurt my babies without a big huge fight from me. I am just so grateful you were able to get Tinkerbelle away from the dog and to the vet. I definitely would not let this drop.

5th June 2007, 03:12 AM

I am so sorry to hear about TinkerBell. I am glad she will be ok though this is very heartbreaking. I would also be outraged and want the owner to be accountable for his dog.

I thought you might be interested in looking at North Carolina State Law--NC General Statutes Chpt. 67 which states that administrative bodies can designate a dog as "dangerous" (attacking another dog while not on the owner's property is listed). I am not sure if it applies outside of communities, but we received a pamphlet about Pets in our neighborhood and the laws that are applied in NC a few weeks ago and thought it might help in your case against the owner. :flwr:

Also, in our county it does state that Animal Control is authorized to impound any animal which "has been observed or reliably believed to have bitten or attacked an individual or other animal". You may want to check your county's regulations.

Super Princess
5th June 2007, 03:34 AM
I am so sorry that happend to you and tinkerbell.
I wonder if you could have pressed charges? there must be SOMETHING someone can do.
i mean if a dog can attack a puppy like that ...it could attack a child!!

5th June 2007, 03:54 AM
I am so sorry this happened to you!!! I can relate some, because I was mauled by a dog in December, and lost a large portion of both of my lips, and I've been having to get reconstructive surgery for it. It's really frightening what some dogs are capable of doing :( I hope tinkerbell is better soon, and that you two can recover from something that is so emotionally damaging.

5th June 2007, 04:29 AM
Oh my gosh....I am so so sorry. I too have a 12 week old blenheim. You can bet she will not be walking in any store, or vet's that may have other dogs on leashes. I will be thinking of your precious little one, and I hope you both get over this horrible experience!!!!! Judy

5th June 2007, 06:03 AM
i am so glad that tinkerbell is healing. what an awful thing for you oth to go through. i would recommend looking up state laws in your area about the situation and finding out wherre you can report it. at least then there is a legal record on the dog (and more importantly the owner) so if it happens again, it can be proven that its not an isolated incident of dog aggression.

i hope not to offend anyone with this next comment but several people have mentioned worries that the dog may attack a human next. while it is posisble, dog aggression is usually not transferrable to child or human aggression. dog aggressive dogs are dog aggressive, while human aggressive dogs are human aggressive. some dogs have both issues but one does not make the other more likely.

also chows are a breed that is known for dog aggressive behavior. there are MANY wonderful chows out there but in the wrong owner's hands, who is not aware of the potential risk of dog aggression, we end up with situations like poor tinkerbell's.

sorry, off the soapbox now.

again, jenny i would like to express my sympathies adn positive thoughts being sent to you and tinkerbell. i hope she heals up well and continues to improve. also, good luck in your eventual job hunt. big :hug:.

5th June 2007, 06:14 AM
God that is awful :hug: for Tinkerbell and you.


Julie S
5th June 2007, 06:56 AM
Oh my goodness. I want to SLAP that stupid chow owner and for that matter, the grooming facility owner. :x :x :x I'm so sorry that you had to go through this - eventually Tinkerbell will learn to forgive and forget. I certainly hope you pursue legal action against both of these people.

I can't even imagine how you're feeling - our neighbor's dog lunged at Scout the other day (I picked him up just in time) and I was so mad I honestly haven't even spoken to our neighbors since.

5th June 2007, 10:19 AM
What a awful awful experience for you both. Our thoughts are with you and wishing Tinkerbell a full recovery. Give her a big :hug:

Barbara Nixon
5th June 2007, 11:14 AM
I had a similar experinece when Joly was not much older than Tinkerbell and hope that she remains unaffected as Joly is.

We used to go to a small dog training classOnly about 10 dogs in all), run by a competitor, rather than a professional, but the class is very good, as it's aimed at show obedience and not bad behaviour.

As there was only one class, I paid a much reduced fee and Joly only had a few very short work sessions and with me and with, Andy,the trainer. Joly was coming back to me, after doing some heelwork and a fuss, with Andy, when a german shepherd, whom his owner later admitted disliked puppies, leapt up and grabbed him by the scruff. I'm told that he was shaken hard, but I was too shocked, as was everyone else, to notice.

Luckily Joly's screams startled Jay, who dropped him and Joly ran away, in a sort of trance, unable to recognize anyone, though most people there usually made a fuss of him. However, Andy managed to scoop him up and after half an hour he was back to normal, which could not be said for the rest of us.

Jay's owner was experinced with the breed and he was very human friendly, the only contratemps we ever saw being with a Doberman of equal size and age (this only mutual barking). He never even seemed to bother with the other dogs there and was lazy about his work, too, prefering a snooze. However, his owner was aware of his attitude to pups and should not have let him offlead, knowing that a young pup was about. She took him out straight away and never brought him back.

Amazingly, she risked getting a puppy herself (one was booked at the time) and was going to leave him, crated, but home alone with jay, for some hours each day. All went well, I gather, as I saw her last year, when she explained that the future show dog hadn't turned out as expected (ear fault).

It was Andy's wife who told me that Joly had actually been shaken and said that everyone was amazed at how calmly I'd taken things, but there was nothing to be done; Joly was unhurt, as his thick fluff saved him and Jay's owner had learned her lesson. She wa svery concerned about Joly and , having removed Jay, satyed for the rest of the session.

This was a case of an owner being too soft. Training should be done with kindness, but some dogs need the handler to be firm and she was not. Jay always worked better with someone else, who didn't ask him to come close, sit etc.

Bruce H
5th June 2007, 12:22 PM
That's just awful that something like that happened. Glad to hear she is improving every day.

Unless it's just too emotional for you, I definately would not let this go. If it were me, I would send him copies of the vet bills by registered mail (return receipt ) and demand reimbursement within 14 calendar days. If you don't get anything, then take him to small claims (conciliation) court. Doesn't cost much at all to go and if you lose you aren't out much. Don't let this retired trooper intimidate you, they're trained in how to do that as part of their job when dealing with bad people. In fact, I wouldn't say anything more than you owe me $x.xx and it will be up to the court to decide who's right.

Good luck, hoping for a speedy recovery.

Scouty girl
5th June 2007, 12:33 PM

I am so sorry to hear what happened to Tinkerbell and yourself. I had chills reading your story and a knot in my stomach just thinking about how fast these things can happen.

I am appauled and shocked at not only the chow's owner, but the shop owner as well. As Caraline stated, it's all about the almight dollar, espeically here in the US. I can't believe a groomer, who I think of as a lover of animals, dogs more so than any other animal, would take such an attitude. She should be helping you secure your vet bills, although I understand this is not your main concern.

Best wishes and a speedy and healthy recovery to both Tinkerbell and yourself (emotionally). Scout, Breeze and I will be thinking about you.

5th June 2007, 12:57 PM
Oh my goodness, I should have posted this before, but it was too painful. I even felt like maybe I did something wrong, but am over that feeling now.

I called animal control the day that this incidence occurred and they would not even take a report, to at least leave a paper trail, b/c it was dog to dog. I then called a few days later, I was much calmer and they still wouldn't take a report.

I called the state police in hopes of talking to this guys sargeant, but as I said before, he had just retired.

I talked at length with my vet and he did not know of any laws that might help my case. However, someone hear wrote of a of some type of bi-law, so I am going to research that.

The thing is, we will not know if there is going to be permanent nerve damage for about 2 months. I am hopeful though, as she is doing better and better each day.

My concern was that she would be nervous around big dogs. So my vet asked his tech to bring in "Norman". Norman is his big 'ole loveable bulldog...huge!!!! TinkerBell ran right up to him and began sniffing him all around. No nervousness at all!!! I hope that it continues!

Thanks everyone for your kind words! At the time, I really had lost all trust in mankind, I am slowly regaining it though.

I will keep you posted!

5th June 2007, 01:18 PM
Oh Jenny, I am so sorry that this happened to you! Thank goodness that Tinkerbell is improving and wasn't killed by the shaking! It is insane to me that people are so insensitive. How would that owner have felt if the tables were turned and their dog was injured!?! If it were me in the chow owner's situation and I truly believed that I did not have a violent dog, I would have apologetically paid for all of your expenses to hopefully avoid any legal action and not take my dog in public again! I can't believe they had to the gall to call you and ask if Tink had her rabies shot. I hope that your nerves are calming and I hope that you can find some way to get restitution.

:hug: :hug: :hug:

5th June 2007, 01:25 PM
I'm all choked up reading this. I would write to the groomers and tell them you will be writing to your local news paper and a solicitor if they don't pay the vet bill (you don't have to follow up with the solicitor if you can't afford it). This should make the groomer pay up.

Really what's important here is Tinkerbell's health and stopping this dog from ever doing it again.

I'd "name and shame" and we call it here. I'm so angry about this.

Cleo's Person
5th June 2007, 01:30 PM

How awful for you! :yikes I kad a huge knot in my tuimmy reading this. I'm so glad that Tinkerbell is on the mend. :hug: :hug: to you both.

Scouty girl
5th June 2007, 02:32 PM
Jenny37 said:

Oh my goodness, I should have posted this before, but it was too painful. I even felt like maybe I did something wrong, but am over that feeling now.

Oh Jenny please don't think that, you did absoutely nothing wrong. It could have just as easily been another person innocently walking into the groomers. If you would have known that this dog was going to grab Tinkerbell everyone here knows you would have taken any and all precautions.

5th June 2007, 02:35 PM
i am so glad that tinkerbell is continuing to improve and that she was comfortable with the big dog. i hope that you contiue to improve also. what a jideous thing to have to go through. although there are jerks out there (like the cow owner) there are also many wonderful people so don't give up all hope for humanity. lots of :hug::hug::hug:s to you and tinkerbell. keeping our fingers crossed that there is not lasting damage.

5th June 2007, 03:30 PM
This is terrible. I'm disgusted by owner of the shop-how they could let such a dog stay when there were others in possible danger is just neglect to all other customers, flat out. The Chow's owner's attitude makes me wonder if this dog has done something like this previously. I echo the opinions that you need to pursue this, if you are able to. This just isn't right, from so many angles.
Chows scare me; I have heard numerous reports of attacks, etc. Our friends in Tennessee had their Mini Schnauzer attacked by their neighbors Chow--twice. Both times it broke free from it's tether. The second time, because it bit my friend when she was trying to get her Schnauzer from it, animal control removed the dog and eventually put it to sleep.
They're bred to be watch dogs, and as with other breeds, if they get in the wrong hands it's never a good situation.:(

Cathy T
5th June 2007, 03:40 PM
You were completely and totally NOT at fault. Don't accept any responsibility for this. The blame lies completely on the chow's owner. Not even on the chow...but the owner. Dog Fancy just had chows as their featured dog and one of the things I remember most is that it specifically states that chows are not dog friendly. He should have known better.

5th June 2007, 04:01 PM
Oh Jenny, I am so sorry.. This story has just made me sick. And then people wonder why we are so strict and "crazy dog lady like" with our dogs. I can't tell you how many stares I get at the vets office, etc becaues I refuse to put either dog down. I do let them go into petsmart and stuff but as soon as any sort of dog comes close to me the first thing out of my mouth is "is your dog nice?" I know that still probably wouldn't have prevented this incidence, but I like to think it might help. Kosmo was attacked in class once by a golden doodle whos owner said "he looks like a cat." Ugh. I learned my lesson never to go off leash with dogs I don't fully trust. He was one of those hyper-active dogs that was always jumping and stuff.

You know, I saw a case like this on Judge Judy once and although the lady's dog wasn't as fortunate, it is a similar situation. The lady was able to sue for the price of the dog and although she wasn't compensated for loss of work and trauma (like she sued for) she was able to get the vet bills and the price of her baby back from the man. They were at a parade and she had her dog in a purse. A pit bull came up and took the dog out of the purse and started death shaking it. Unfortunately the dog didn't make it - it was a puppy and like 2lbs. ;(

I'm glad to hear that princess Tinkerbell is improving. I am also glad you're regaining your faith in mankind. It's terrible the way some people are. I agree with Bruce - don't let this guy's reputation intimidate you. I would try to exhaust every avenue possible if I were you.


5th June 2007, 04:12 PM
I would try to make a report-- Property damage if nothing else (if the chow had scratched your CAR you would have recourse)// Get YOUR emotional distress documented. There has to be something that can be done.

5th June 2007, 04:29 PM
My god what a story I think I would have died poor tinkerbell :( I don't know what you can do but I for one would try to make that owner pay maybe the only way to affect him is though his pocket :( If that was my dog that did that, I would be so upset and would have offered to pay all vet bills

5th June 2007, 05:00 PM
Is there something similar to Tripadvisor you could use. You know the way you have a really bad experience with a hotel, you can vent your anger and name and shame the place by telling your story. Do they have that for businesses. I'd personally love to send a solicitors letter or something, just for the sake of it. What horrible people.

Rj Mac
5th June 2007, 05:22 PM
What an ordeal for you both to go through, Im so glad that Tinkerbell is on the mend, you are both in our thoughts :hug:

Karen S.
5th June 2007, 05:34 PM
This is a terrible thing to have happened to Tinkerbell. You need to try and make the owner accountable for the actions of his dog.
As a retired insurance agent there are 2 things I know for certain. The shop owner is liable for what happens in her shop and the dog owner is liable for the actions of his dog. Get a lawyer and don't let this man intimidate you into not following through on paying for your vet bills and Tinkerbell's suffering.
The next time his Chow may go after a person. We wish a speedy recovery to Tinkerbell.

5th June 2007, 07:37 PM
Hi Jenny and Tinkerbell.
I am so glad she recovered. I simply can't beleive the way some dog owners behave, like they don't care about the deeds of their dogs. Or cavaliers are smaller than most other dogs, and therefore easy to attack, but this does not mean that our dogs are to blame! Victims NEVER carry the fault, the aggressors do!
Sue the owner! I have also experienced walking with my dog in a leash, and larger dogs running loose just towards us, and when my dog acted scared, the dog owners blamed me for transferring my insecurity to my dog! Rubbish, that is! It is the owners responsibility to control their dogs, no matter the situation.
Lots of hugs to you both!:hug:

5th June 2007, 08:48 PM
Can't believe how irresponsible some people are, it's beyond imagination. I hope you both recover well.:hug::hug:

5th June 2007, 09:22 PM
I'm so sorry to hear of this incident. Thankfully she is okay. I do hope that the owner of the dog pays the vets bills.

Unfortunately, when my previous cavalier was a puppy he was attacked down the park by a German Shepherd and lost an eye. It has made me very wary of other dogs ;(

5th June 2007, 10:35 PM
This is shocking. Apart from anything else, the groomer should know breed characteristics. If, as others have said, chows are well known as being dog-aggressive, shouldn't the groomer have had it crated, for the safety of other dogs? After all, to be materialistic about it, dogs are property- and in the case of Cavs, rather expensive property. It'd be like leaving your luggage at one of those secure-left luggage places and coming back to find that the porter had allowed a thief to waltz in and out again with your belongings.

5th June 2007, 11:48 PM
I am so glad that Tinkerbell is OK, I was so worried when I started reading what happened! The owner of the chow and the owner of the shop should be ashamned of themselves!! If it were me I would pursue it and take the owner of the chow to small claims court to pay for all vet expenses. Don't let him intimidate you, he sounds like a jerk. I would even consult an attorney. The owner of the shop and the chows owner should have known better, like the others here have said, chows are pretty well known for being an aggressive breed. And they obviously did not have control of their dog. I'd take him to court.

6th June 2007, 12:00 AM
What a horrific thing to happen, I could not believe what I was reading! The main thing is that Tinkerbelle is making a steady recovery and has not lost confidence in other dogs as this is such an impressionable age for this to have happened at! I hope that the chow's owners realises that it was he who was in the wrong and does the decent thing by paying your bills at the very least. I think Bruce's advice is pretty sound to be honest.

A huge :hug: for both of you, keep us posted on her progress?

6th June 2007, 01:20 PM
I would also like to add how sorry I am to hear that this has happened to you, must have been terrifying for both you and Tinkerbell.

I would strongly advise you to try and seek some sort of advice on where you stand legally as in my opinion the owner should at least have a warning to keep his dog under control and if necessary muzzled in public.

In the UK, the authorities take attacks on other dogs as serious as attacks on people and this man would be heading straight for a court case by now.

I am however glad to hear that Tinkerbell is starting to make a recovery and hope this doesn't scar her too badly (emotionally as well as physical).

Give her nice big kisses from me and Bertie, thinking of you both.


6th June 2007, 03:40 PM
In the UK, the authorities take attacks on other dogs as serious as attacks on people and this man would be heading straight for a court case by now.

That wasn't the case when my puppy lost an eye when he was savaged by another dog down the park.

The police and the local dog warden were disinterested because a human wasn't attacked. There are no laws to protect dogs from other dogs as 'that's what dogs do' and therefore I was unable to prosecute, despite his horrific injury.

6th June 2007, 04:29 PM
Jenny i am so sorry to hear this happened to u! i have a lump in my throat reading this!! i am so happy that tinkerbell is getting better and we'll keep her in our prays and hope that she gets back to herself!! i cannot describe what i would have said to him or what i would do to him!

Has the grooming shop contacted u at all?

7th June 2007, 01:09 AM
No, I have not been contacted by the owner of the grooming shop. I am sure she is hoping that she will not have to deal with any of it.

I go back tomorrow to take my personal grooming equipment, I have really put it off. I was supposed to go last week, but couldn't get myself to do it.

What is also said, is that I considered the owner to be kind, thoughtful and a friend. However as we all know, a friend would never sell out a friend for the mighty dollar, as she did. I am still numb and dumbfounded when I think about it. Yes, her shop is new and its not as busy as it could be, but to do what she did, is unacceptable.

I am not sure if she realizes it, but the vet I went to, is the only vet in this small town. So they (the vet, vet techs, receptionist etc...) know the story and that she kept the chow dog b/c she wanted the money. I doubt they will refer much business to her, in turn she might have hurt her own business by doing that. You know how people all talk in a small town.

I am not even sure what I going to say to her, I know she will ask about TinkerBell. Truth is that TinkerBell is doing wonderful, you can hardly see much of a limp.

I'll have to think through what I want to say, when I get mad, my mouth takes on a mind of its own. LOL

Cathy Moon
7th June 2007, 02:03 AM
Thank goodness you and your puppy are ok!!!! When I read your thread yesterday I was speechless in horror at what happened. Even if there are no state or local laws protecting your puppy, I would think the police would give the chow owner a warning!

My husband and our two female cavaliers were attacked by two [poorly bred] labrador retrievers earlier this year, and the police were all over the owner of the dog that bit our dog (even though my husband wasn't bitten and I don't know of any laws protecting my dogs from other dogs!)

In light of the many changes to animal welfare laws, where even now FEMA has to treat our dogs as family members during crisis situations, I would think a letter to your state legislators or local government could possibly make a difference.

7th June 2007, 11:09 AM
I too am so glad you and Tinkerbell are OK. My little cavalier Annie was attacked by a pit bull mix a couple years ago and physically was OK though badly bruised and many puncture wounds. Those heal. It is the emotional trauma for the pup and owner that is most difficult to heal.

7th June 2007, 12:15 PM
Omg i am sooo sorry that this happened to you!:yikes im absolutely shocked and appalled that any person can be so irresponsible!! Thank goodness you and TinkerBell are okay!!! Hopefully TinkerBell will fully recover and not be left with nerve damage or anything like that!! i cante believe that chow dog owner wasnt even given a warning???? and the cheek of them to say you puppy started the fight?

What is also said, is that I considered the owner to be kind, thoughtful and a friend. However as we all know, a friend would never sell out a friend for the mighty dollar, as she did. I am still numb and dumbfounded when I think about it. Yes, her shop is new and its not as busy as it could be, but to do what she did, is unacceptable
youre absolutely right...that is totally unacceptable!!! what some people do for money....its horrible:x

Hope everything goes well....keep us updated:)

:hug: from me and the boys

7th June 2007, 01:00 PM
Jenny - I am sooo sorry to hear about what happened to Tinkerbell. It took me back to the time Audrey was about the same age and a Rottweiler, who was walking off-leash with his horribly irresponsible owner, saw her and had the full intention of killing her!!

Like others said, physically she was okay (I had to pull her up by her leash and little neck so that the vicious dog wouldn't get a bite of her), but she is still emotionally traumatized. She was okay with big dogs for a while, but to this day, she is terrified of big dogs. If I am walking her outside and a big dog is near us, she starts crying and screaming.

Please try to go after the owner of the dog in small claims. It is ludicrous that a dog owner would be allowed to excuse his dog's dangerous behavior!!

Hugs to you and Tinkerbell. :paw:

7th June 2007, 01:17 PM
I am so sorry this happened to tinkerbell sooo glad she is ok. What a horrable experience for both of you.
I would never own a chow, when my children were small my daughters best friend had a chow that was really friendly with my kids.
One day I sent my son over to get his sister and the chow attacked him biting his leg he needed stitches.
a year later the chow attacked his owner really bad needed surgery they had a hard time getting the dog off of her, they had him put to sleep he was only 3 years old, they are very unpredictable.

7th June 2007, 01:52 PM
Jenny how did it go today with the grooming parlour? i was talking about what happened to u and tinkerbell to my other half last night and i was getting really upset and angry, all i could think was god i would say that jenny felt 10 times worse!

I am so so glad that tinkerbell is doing good!

7th June 2007, 08:41 PM
What a traumatic thing for you and Tinkerbell to go through. I'm sure the pup will bounce back and be fine in the long run.

I don't know if anyone else mentioned this, but in addition to the shop owner's insurance, you might want to file a claim with the dog owner's homeowners insurance policy. Most policies include liability coverage for damage or injuries caused by pets.


8th June 2007, 12:40 AM
Oh Jenny, I can only imagine how you must feel going back to the groomers to pick up your stuff. If I was living near, I'd go with you. I wouldn't mind what you say. She should have taken your side. There has to be something wrong with her not to react to what happened. Let us know how it goes. I would take someone with you, keep calm and hopefully any other customers will hear what you have to say too. Don't forget to breath.;)

8th June 2007, 11:22 PM
Jenny & Tinkerbell so sorry you had this happen. I am glad Tinkerbell will be ok. My Lighingbug was attack at a dog park but, lucky for him the dog was a smaller breed. The attact only seem to affect him socially....he's little afraid of other dogs. I think he is working through it I haven't so, I hope you'll be ok!! Please, try have that man pay your vet bills!

11th June 2007, 09:04 PM
I am upset FOR you! I had/still have goose bumps reading this--I couldn't ever imagine a cavalier, let alone a 12 week old baby, instigating any situation with another dog-I am so glad she has no severe damage-what a nightmare!! I would pursue something, anything!!! Best of luck!!!!

12th June 2007, 04:19 AM
I was absolutely livid when I read your first post. (I have the utmost of sympathy for you and Tinkerbelle - bottom line is that we all hope that the two of you can pull yourselves back together from this.) The actions of the shop owner and the dog owner are unbelievable.

I agree with Bruce 100%.

Did you take photos of Tinkerbelle when the accident first happened? Have you taken photos of the healing process? Photographic evidence is one of the best things that you can have. (I know, too much People's Court)

I wouldn't let it rest - I'd be sending that jerk certified copies of the vet bills every time you have to take Tinkerbelle in and I'd send copies of the photos if you took any. I'd ask the vet to write a statement about the possibility of nerve damage, and if there is anyone in the shop who would be willing to stick their neck out and write a letter verifying the way things would happen I'd get that too. I'd also copy the owner of the shop with everything. If the groom shop has not called you to check on Tinkerbelle I would not be inclined to tell her much of anything about what condition Tinkerbelle is in. I would be evasive and say that the vet hopes there won't be permanent damage or something to that affect. Let her dangle.

As far as chows being more aggressive toward other dogs, I have to tell you that the first bad dog bite I ever got was from a chow.

Another situation I was in that really shows the true nature of a lot of people was when we were treating an 80# dog who was almost dead because he had such a bad flea infestation. We had been bathing him, trying to get all the fleas we could off of him then the vet asked me to help put him on a table so she could examine him.

We picked him up and the next thing I knew I was feeling teeth going down the side of my head. I shouted a socially unacceptable word, grabbed the dog out of the vet's grip and literally threw him onto the floor. Nothing like adrenaline!

The dog had not been vaccinated in years. I had to have sutures in my ear and was a wreck for a few days. The dog was kept in the clinic but the owner never asked how I was. I couldn't believe how thoughtless they were, knowing that an employee had been injured. The dog ultimately had to be put down and sent off for rabies testing and I healed but it wasn't one of my best days!

Keep on them, Jenny. They owe you at the very least your vet bills.

I'm glad the two of you are okay, but it is something that won't be easily forgotten.

12th June 2007, 10:46 PM
Sorry I am so late to this but I was absolutely appalled as I read your encounter with that chow. I wanted to slap the stupid owner and the owner of the grooming shop. What if that had been a child that walked in as its obvious the Chow was going to bite the first thing that walked into the door. How could this idiot think a puppy provoked his full grown dog that ought to be trained not to lunge at things! As for the groomer if I was in the shop and that dog was allowed to stay I would walk right out with my dog. There is nothing worth the life of my pup. I am so sorry you had this awful experience and dealt with a bunch of insensitive idiots. I hope TInkerBelle is on the mend and it sounds like she is a delightful little girl who won't even remember this experience soon.

Daisy's Mom
13th June 2007, 02:26 AM
Like everyone else has said, I was so mad when I read your post, I just wanted to scream. That idiot owner was clearly trying to go by the rule that the best defense is a good offense. He figured if he threatened you, you would be too scared to hold him acccountable for what his #%$^$#& vicious dog did! I am not a litigious person by nature, but here is one case where a lawsuit is not only warranted, but I think would be a good lesson for a person who is clearly too stupid to control his dog.

Good luck to you and Tinkerbelle (one of my first cat's names, by the way). I hope you get some retribution or reimbursement from this horrible event.

13th June 2007, 04:50 AM
OMG! Im so glad to hear she is feeling better. It's a scary world out there...in every way. Im sure its not something anyone sets out to do....but he should own up and at least offer to help pay! Though, you'll probably feel better if you never think of him again! Further pressure to get him to pay, will fusturate you even more! I just hope he took a lesson with him...

14th June 2007, 11:29 PM
Well, first off, TinkerBell is doing phenominal!!! She is not limping at all!!!

Secondly, I found out some very interesting information about the Animal Control in my county, but let me start at the beginning. This past Tuesday, as I was jogging on a road directly behind my home, I was bitten by a Choc. Lab...can you believe my luck???!!!! Anyway, this dog came out of the blue, hissing, showing its teeth and lungeing. I continued to jog and pray that I would not get bit. The lab did one last lunge and tore the back of my jogging pants, but only got the pants...no skin at all.

Well, I jogged home and called the Animal Control and they came out to take a report etc... While the officer was busy writing up the report, I started to talk about how frustrated I was that they (Animal Control) would not take a report on TinkerBell being mauled. The officer, who was very nice, looked at me astonished and asked what I was talking about. I explained that I had called them twice, on seperate days and spoke with the same person and I was told that they would not even take a report. Well, the officer apologized and said that she would get to the bottom of it and was able to retro-activate my report.

The officer confronted the girl that I had talked to and she explained that the kennel manager had given her the instructions. The officer could not explain why I was given inaccurate info, but again apologized. I discussed this with my neighbor, who pointed out something very interesting. The town this happened in is very small, everybody know everyone. There is a good chance that the kennel manager knew the state trooper and therefor gave me the false info.

Of course I cannot prove this, but it does sound suspicious. As the Animal Control Officer told me, they always take a report on EVERYTHING, that is her job!!!!

So a report has been made and I will probably find out something next week. The officer said that there will be a hearing with a board, myself and the chow owner to determine if this dog should be labeled dangerous and ficious. If the dog is given the title, then there is kind of a 3 strikes rule for this dog.

I feel vindicated even if no one pays the bill for TinkerBell. I am not out of my mind, nor am I in an episode of the Twilight Zone!!! LOL

By the way, I will have to go before this same board with the owner of the lab, too! They are probably going to take a double take when I show up again for that case!

Thanks everyone for your support, I could not have gotten through this without you!

14th June 2007, 11:44 PM
A similar thing happened to us growing up. Our neighbor had two doberman - one was nice and one was mean. The mean one bit 4 children before ANYTHING was done. The animal warden went to school with our neighbor- urghh

14th June 2007, 11:58 PM
Jenny, GOOD FOR YOU! I am so glad you were able to move this forward as it sure helps to know someone has listened and the owner will now at least have to answer to an authority. But I am sorry that happened because you had a lab try to bite you!!:o Good luck now on getting both things settled.

Cathy T
15th June 2007, 03:29 AM
Everything happens for a reason...right? ;) I'm glad you weren't hurt by the lab but so glad for the end result. You should indeed feel vindicated!

15th June 2007, 04:59 AM
Gosh, Cathy - great minds! My very thought was that all things happen for a reason. The Animal Control person was definately sent back to you to get the story about Tinkerbelle and the chow.

I'm glad that things are working out as they are. At least you will feel somewhat vindicated.

16th June 2007, 05:10 AM
oh wow thats brilliant news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so glad tinkerbell is doing great and you were finally able to get a report done! hope everything turns out great!

Cathy Moon
16th June 2007, 05:32 AM
I'm so glad things are being handled correctly now. :w**h**:

Both of those dogs should be labeled dangerous, and the lab owner owes you a new jogging outfit. I am sooo looking forward to hearing the chow owner has paid for your vet bills, too!