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7th June 2007, 06:17 PM
Charlie cavtiny who was the subject of multiple posts last Fall is now listed with Cavalier Rescue. Here is the link to the information on him: http://www.cavalierrescueusa.org/htm...lie_CA607.html (http://www.cavalierrescueusa.org/html/dog_pages/Charlie_CA607.html). Hopefully:xfngr: :xfngr: , the right family to take this little guy in and give him a permanent home is out there. He could be a poster puppy for why SM research and health screening before breeding are so important.

7th June 2007, 06:37 PM
I truly hope that Charlie finds his "forever" home very quickly, he looks and sounds a total character! :lotsaluv:

7th June 2007, 09:37 PM
I was just thinking about him actually during the week and was going to check and see if anyone knew how he was doing, so your timing is perfect. Last I had heard, I had thought he was having decompression surgery following an MRI; but it sounds like they've decided not to do this. I hope he finds a special home to care for him.:xfngr:

2nd August 2007, 06:09 PM
At one point it looked like Cavalier Rescue had found a family for Charlie, the little Blenheim in California with sringomyelia. He was posted for awhile as "Adoption Pending." I looked today (and not looked for a week or so) and it now says "Still Available." It is a lot for a family to take on a dog as young as Charlie who already has been diagnosed with SM. If I was closer and retired I would seriously think about adding this fellow to my crew. God bless him and prayers that he finds a family soon.


2nd August 2007, 06:22 PM
Thanks for keeping an eye on him and giving these updates. He is such an attractive fellow and has had a long journey already.

Realistically, from the sounds of it he probably needs to have the decompression surgery, and sooner rather than later.

I wonder would the regional or national clubs take him on as a fundraising project for the surgery? After all there have been big drives amongst breeders to get eye surgery and other complex surgeries for rescue cavaliers, as I've seen a few posted to the L-list (main breeder list). If I recall, the eye surgery cost even more than decompression would. Perhaps a neurologist would do a surgery at a lower price as he is a rescue?

2nd August 2007, 06:56 PM
At one point I thought they were evaluating him for decompression surgery and that it was likely he was going to have it. I will e-mail and see if I can find out. If anyone out there knows anything about this little fellow you can share with us, please let us know. For some reason he has pulled at my heart strings.

17th August 2007, 09:23 PM
I check up on the little guy every week. I wanted to bring him home with Ladybug and Lighting but, with me working I didn't meet the requirments. The Vet keeps an up date on him.....I think Charlies might have a few admires. Here is the site I watch him on, not sure if you seen the new photo's but he looks good too!


I also found a low cost vet clinic working on SM/CM study in NY when look for help for my Lightingbug. ( Even with flight it's much cheaper ) here's the site about what they are doing.


I pray someone will have a home and a place in their heart for this little guy soon!

17th August 2007, 09:58 PM
He was definitely being checked out for decompression surgery at various points and at one point this was definitely going to be done or at least was discussed as if it were definitely on the cards. That's why I was surprised that apparently he never did have the surgery.

My concern is that dogs that are this symptomatic from so young, are generally afflicted with the most severe progression and will need that surgery for any chance of a life. Otherwise he really will need to be viewed as hospice care for any adoption. I know the main neurologists/researchers would undoubtedly advise surgery for a case like his. The surgery might give him a full length life but with every week that passes, the irreversible damage he is suffering from the condition will become more severe and this lowers the chance of a good outcome from the surgery as well. The symptoms described in his Petfinder profile are all moderate to severe for the condition. Three episodes of pain with yelping daily, even on meds, is a lot. :(

Hospice care is a valid choice, too, but given his age I'd be pursuing surgery. I just wonder if there's ongoing advice from neurologists about this guy. He certainly needs a guardian angel with deep pockets to come and give him a home.

17th August 2007, 10:04 PM
I just read Molly's comments on that link. This is quite frankly, *shocking* that she is getting advice that this is 'onset level' SM. Those are really, really serious signs as any neurologist who deals regularly with SM will affirm -- these signs are well off the most serious end of Clare Rusbridge's pain scale that was adopted by all the key researchers into the condition in London last November. What neurologists can possibly be saying daily seizures, screaming with pain and spinning on the floor while scratching, and instability when walking are 'onset signs'? And I simply cannot believe they did patella surgeries on him in the interim. She is also talking about this as if medications can 'keep SM in check'. Medications will not do this, as I tried to explain to her a year ago. They will only alleviate the pain while the condition almost certainly progresses in an early onset case like this, and it doesn't even sound like much pain is being alleviated if he's having daily seizures.

Wish someone would get a second opinion from Dr Marino at LIVS or Clare Rusbridge or someone who deals with this condition regularly... :( This just makes me really mad.

18th August 2007, 01:13 AM
Gosh, I wish I could give Charlie a home! He looks so cute and I would love to help him have the highest quality of life he can have. If I lived closer to the University of Florida Vet School, I would apply. I will keep Charlie in my thoughts and prayers

Cathy Moon
18th August 2007, 02:46 AM
It's unbearable to think what he is going through every day! :cry*ing:I thought money was collected for surgery to help him, and yet he's suffering!

20th August 2007, 06:02 PM
I did e-mail and hear back from Cavalier Rescue USA, directly from this foster mother, when I inquired about Charlie's current status (making it clear I just wanted to know and was not in a position to adopt him). Apparently they have consulted more than one vet whom they say are experienced with SM and have decided not to do the decompression surgery right now but to continue to monitor the situation. She indicated they are still looking for a good home, one where there is an adult home most of the day and that has the emotional and finanacial resources to care for him. I do not have the impression that the surgery was not done based on any financial considerations, but - right or wrong - for medical reasons. He has now both his patellas repaired. He should be a poster "pup" for SM. Cute as a button!!!

20th August 2007, 06:34 PM
This just makes me so sad, you can see the pain in his eyes.:( He has that dull look in his eyes that Abbey gets after she's been scratching.:(

20th August 2007, 09:23 PM
Thanks for trying to get more info -- but this approach and the explanations still just make no sense at all to anyone familiar with this condition. I am really wondering who the vets or neurologists are who are advising not to do surgery at this time -- what are they waiting for, more severe permanent damage to occur? :sl*p:. The prognosis is very, very poor for a dog showing such severe symptoms at such an early age with surgery really the only option -- and under no circumstances could these symptoms possibly be classified as 'onset' symptoms. According to the Rusbridge pain scale that the leading experts in this area use (here: http://sm.cavaliertalk.com/painscore.pdf) , he is already on the severe end of the scale (by contrast, my Leo is on the moderate -- not onset!! --end and he has never had a single screaming session, seizure, difficulty walking, or yelping session). It sounds like Charly also needs his meds re-evauated to prevent those screaming sessions on the floor as a matter of extreme urgency, upping his gabapentin or trying an addition of cimetidine, frusemide, omeprazole, steroids. How they can describe watching these screaming sessions and in effect dismiss them as if they look worse than they actually are? :( Of course they are as bad as they look -- ask any human with SM. I am just really baffled at what neurologist could possibly be giving them this advice. If it is ony a vet giving this advice they really do need to get him to a specialist familiar with this condition.

I wish they would talk to Dr Dewey, Dr Rusbridge, Dr Marino or Dr Harrington. Most people that have the surgery for their cavaliers do it long before symptoms get this extreme.

20th August 2007, 11:22 PM
Karlin, have you tried to contact the Rescue organization again to give them this information? I am sure you are very busy with your own Rescue, but I feel so sorry for Charlie! :( I wish they would have him re-evaluated. That expression on his face is heartbreaking....

22nd August 2007, 10:30 AM
Molly hasn't been much interested in getting information as she has made it clear to me before that she believes she knows best and doesn't seem to believe that she could be getting the wrong professional advice. :sl*p:

I gave this link to one of the key SM neurologists and they are indeed very disturbed that this dog is being cared for in the way that he is. They worry that these scratching sessions are even referred to as seizures -- these are not seizures per se, they are severe sessions of pain that are so intolerable that the dog is spinning on the floor as if in a seizure (like th severe dog in the video on my SM site).

I will see if better advice can be given the breed rescue co-foster. Charly badly needs better medication and a decision made about surgery very soon.

22nd August 2007, 11:19 AM
Thanks for trying, Karlin. Poor, poor Charlie. I hope he gets the medical attention he needs....

22nd August 2007, 11:22 AM
Poor wee lad! :xfngr: That he gets the treatment he so urgently requires very soon!