View Full Version : The latest of the Prince and Lucy Saga

11th June 2007, 09:20 AM
Well, on Saturday Prince finally decided he wanted to play with his ball, so myself and my o/h were throwing it for him and Lucy was just wandering around as she does. So Prince is running back and forward with his ball like his old self, next thing Lucy gets this mad burst of energy and starts running around the garden then over to Prince and going down on her front legs and pouncing around him wanting to play, I am in hysterics looking at her, Prince is just standing there, tail in the air, not moving a muscle, he hadnt got a clue what was going on, he eventually just walked away. So I thought, this is great, they are finally settling in, then on Sunday, I put Lucy in her little section of the utility room (I have a baby gate in between them) I go get Prince's bowl, put his dinner in put it on the floor, get Lucy's, as I am filling Lucy's in the kitchen I hear the scariest growl and snarl and see Prince coming running out of the utility!!! My o/h went in to see what was happening and Lucy looks at him as if butter wouldnt melt!!!! So we brought Prince back in for his dinner and she done it again, thank god I had her behind the gate, she really didnt like that he got his dinner 1st. I have had to move Prince's bowl over to the other side of the room because I had it just on the other side of the gate, maybe it was just a little too close to her. For such a cute little thing she has a very scary growl. I am sure they will eventually get along but I think I will always have to keep them separate when it comes to dinner time, I have a feeling that when she was in the puppy farm she had to fight for her food.