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Barbara Nixon
13th June 2007, 10:36 AM
He was chosen, from his litter, by the smiling lady with short fair hair and twinkling blue eyes, or, rather, he chose her, jumping into her arms as soon as she stooped to inspect the four wriggly puppies.

''I believe the choice has been made,'' chuckled the breeder, who then, tearfully waved the puppy off to his new home, knowing that he would get the best of everything.

And it was so. As the dog matured into a handsome adult with beautiful eyes and temperament to match, the relationship between Marnie and her little boy blossomed. She was rarely seen in public without the dainty little red and white dog by her side and he was everyone's favourite on walks in the park. At home, he had his special bowl, filled with only the best and tastiest of morsels and a soft bed, lined with white fleece, but he much prefered to sleep on his Marnie's bed and to cuddle up to her on the sofa.

Life was just fine, until one day, Marnie went away and he was taken to live with a lady they often met in the park. She was a very nice lady and he still had his bed and his bowl, with the bonus of her hairy little dog as a companion, but life wasn't the same. He didn't mind having to sleep in the kitchen, as he shared with the other dog, but he missed the special one to one relationship he'd enjoyed with Marnie and made his new mum sad to see him waiting at the door, in hope.

But, on day things, changed. The door burst open to admit a noisy little boy, with dark curly hair and sparkling blue eyes, just like Marnie's. He had little time to spare for greeting his aunt, as he just had to go and meet her new dog.

It was love at first sight. They looked into eachothers eyes and within seconds, the little dog was in the boy's arms, getting the special cuddle he craved. next minute, they were out in the garden, where the boy produced a colourful fluffy ball, which he tossed and the dog brought back, over and over.

From the livingroom window, the boy's mum watched, with tears in her eyes. She'd never seen her son so happy. He adored dogs, but his father didn't think that they could cope with one, as well as the boy's health issues. However, the boy's aunt thought differently and after a brief conversation, over the phone, with her brother, the matter was settled. The dog needed the boy and the boy needed the dog.

And so began the next phase of the little red and white dog's life. He still had his special bowl, though he, now got dry crunchy food, not as tasty as the other stuff , but 'good for you' and his special bed, in which he had to sleep alone, in the kitchen, but the didn't mind, as the rest of his time was spent with his new special person. Joyful days spent chasing the beloved ball, running with his special friend or cuddling with him watching the moving pictures in the box in the corner.

Sometimes the boy went away, just like Marnie and the dog spent days sitting by the door, in hope, but was always rewarded, as the boy came back.

It was on one of these, always joyous, homecoming days that they went to play ball in the front garden. Away went the ball, with the little dog right behind. grab the ball, bring it back, get a rewarding pat and off again. Then the ball went extra far and the little dog had to run faster, but soon caught up and was about to snatch his prize.....

He found himself in a large park. In front of him was a sparkling river, with a bridge over, also glittering in the sunlight. Across the bridge he could see all manner of animals and humans of all ages. He was very confused and stood with his tail between his legs, until a tall hound with long pale coat came towards him and gently nudged him over the bridge and there she left him.

Once more, he stood looking around, very unsure... And then he saw her. Surely it must be her! Over to his left, sitting on a bench. Yes, yes it was her and up came his tail and off he went feathers flowing as he went.

It was his beloved Marnie and he was soon on her lap smothering her with kisses as her tears dampened his coat. Once they had got over the moment, they sat cuddled and he had chance to look round properly.

He noticed that there was a constant stream of humans and animals coming over the glittering bridge, but the numbers on this side didn't seem to alter. It was then that he noticed pairs or groups of animals and people, walking away and fading into a distant mist.

Just then, Marnie stood up and declared, ''Come on , little man, it's time for us to go,'' and began to walk in the direction of the others, but the little red and white dog sat where he was. He didn't know why, but he just had to stay. realising this, Marnie sat down beside him, with a sigh, and waited with him, cuddling as she did so.

The little boy never forgave himself for letting his dog get killed. He wouldn't take consolation from the fact that it was the taxi driver, who left the gate off the latch, causing it to blow open, just as the dog approached. His parents were really worried, as this was having an adverse effect on his failling health, but they had to go ahead with the planned operation and their last words to him were a promise of another little red and white dog, as soon as he was on the mend.

Gradually, he drifted off to sleep, recalling that they said he was going to see his little red and white dog again....and woke up in a large park. In front of him was a sparkling river, with a bridge over, also glittering in the sunlight. Across the bridge he could see all kinds of animals, mainly pets like dogs,cats and horses, but others, too and lots of people from little children to old men and women. He didn't know how he got here, so looked behind, but saw only a mist.

When he turned back to the river, a little girl, dressed all in pink, was by his side. ''Come this way,'' she invited, stepping onto the bridge.

'' But I don't know how I got here. Why must I cross over there ?''

'' Don't you know?'' asked the girl.'' You've come to join those who went away.''

'' I don't know anyone who went away,'' the boy replied, following, nevertheless. '' My Aunt Wendy went away to Spain, but she is back and is with my mum and dad, at the hospital....''

By now, they'd reached the other side and the girl was about to leave him.

'' Please,'' he pleaded, ''don't go. I don't know anyone here.''

'' I must,''replied the girl, ''as, i've other children to greet, but just wait and someone will come to you.'' And she walked away.

He was looking round, getting really worried, as everyone, animal and human was busy greeting or watching the bridge area intently. Who could he ask what to do ?

Suddenly, he was nearly bowled over by a red and white dervish that flung itself into his arms.

'' Charlie, is it you ? Is it really you ? Oh, it is it is,'' he declared as he got smothered in kisses and before he knew it, the dog was on the grass and the beloved coloured ball, which had been buried with him, was in his master's hand, then thrown for him, joyfully to retrieve.

The little dog had spotted the boy, as soon as he crossed the bridge and , to Marnie's dismay, left her for the child. She watched the happy reunion, with tears falling. The dog had had two owners and had chosen the other. He was oblivious of all but the child, now.

Suddenly, the little dog stood still and dropped the ball. He saw his beloved Marnie, looking so upset , so ran to her. She greeted him with utter rapture and they sat cuddled together for a while.

Then the little dog spotted the boy. There he was standing all alone, utterly dejected , the ball almost falling from his slack grip...so the dog ran to the boy.

The same thing happened over and over. Whichever person the dog went to, the other was bereft, so he became more and more torn, no sooner going to one, than feeling compelled to return to the other. One minute he was cuddling and the next ball chasing. Cuddling chasing, cuddling, chasing..

Then, suddenly, he was sitting on his Marnie's lap, head resting on her breast, but also, he was flying through the air fetching a fluffy ball.

'' Time to go, little man,'' declared Marnie, standing and walking away and the litle dog followed.

As more streamed over the bridge, lady with fair hair and sparkling blue eyes could be seen going into the mist; a little red and white dog, tail plume waving close by her side and also a little dark haired boy, in jeans and blue T shirt, throwing a coloured ball which an identical little red and white dog joyously brought back, over and over.

All is possible at The Bridge.

13th June 2007, 11:11 AM
Oh that is so lovely, but so sad. Its brought tears to my eyes.:cry*ing:

Cleo's Person
13th June 2007, 11:39 AM
HOw lovely. It makes we want to weep. Thanks for sharing.

matties mum
13th June 2007, 12:22 PM
HOw lovely. It makes we want to weep. Thanks for sharing.

Me Too----Aileen and the gang(Jazzie---Barney---Sam)

Cara's Mum
15th June 2007, 09:49 AM
In tears here thinking of my beloved Cara. She had an owner before us who died.... and I can inly imagine the reunion they had at the Bridge last week.

15th June 2007, 10:18 AM
Awwwwwwww,, Barbara that is so lovely, you had me in tears!!

15th June 2007, 03:36 PM
What a lovely story :D I lost my beautiful cocker spaniel 3 years ago, she was 10, I hope she's waiting for me :(

15th June 2007, 03:53 PM
I'm a puddle! But thank you, that was so dear. My granddaughter told me just the other day that she thinks that the first to great us when we get to heaven will be our pets. Out of the mouths of babes. . .