View Full Version : Intimidated at obedience class

13th June 2007, 12:56 PM
Maddy has been doing really well at training. Last week she excelled.
However, this week upon arrival a large dog (who had been there the previous three weeks with no problem) suddenly pounced on her. He was jumping on her and trying to play I believe but he was large and heavy and she tiny and I grabbed the large dog around the chest and pulled him off her.
I had hold of Maddy's lead and the owner had her dog on a lead but she didn't react very fast.
Well, Maddy did awful at training. She kept trying to "escape" out of the fenced area and she wouldn't even run when called at "recall". She just walked very very slowly.
I hope she forgets about it for next week.

Barbara Nixon
13th June 2007, 01:00 PM
The instructor should have intervened. Don't totally avoid big dogs or you could have a problem. Gradually get Maddy used to them, by moving gradually closer and closer as she becomes confident.

Cleo's Person
13th June 2007, 01:07 PM
I'm so sorry Maddy was startled. I agree with everything Barabra just said. You don't want her growing up terrified of big dogs. Perhaps you need to gently re-introduce her to friendly big dogs. If you know anyone who has one, maybe you could arrange to meet out walking or something, so Maddy gets her confidence back.

13th June 2007, 01:32 PM
Awww, poor little Maddy. A few weeks ago at our puppy classes we had 3 really large, overly boisterous dogs turn up too. They were crazy, slamming into everything, almost knocking the handlers off their feet & jumping all over the other much smaller puppies. I did notice though that the next week those 3 dogs were much calmer and socialised with the other dogs more appropriately. I also noticed that the smaller puppies (Beau included) learned to dodge & keep out of those dogs pathway. As tough as this is, it is all a part of the socialising process. I hated it when poor little Beau was the one that got slammed into, but in the end, it did teach him that not all dogs play nice-nice & you have to look out for yourself.

I hope things settle down at the next class and I hope little Maddy learns some "street-smarts" from those rough-heads. :flwr:

I agree with Barbara about the importance of socialising little dogs with big dogs. It is really sweet & makes me coo when a big German Shepherd stands over Beau with all fours, and gently sniffs him & lets him lick his face.

Scouty girl
13th June 2007, 02:42 PM
Yes, Please make sure Maddy also knows that big dogs can be gentle.
Too bad we don't live near each other my Newf Breeze would be perfect for that job!!! LOL

Years ago when I took Breeze to puppy class, there was only one other dog. A Golden Retriever puppy. Even though they were the same age Breeze was much bigger. I still remember that dogs name after 10 years, Simba. That's because the ower said it so much. Simba stop. Simba come over here. Simba what are you doing. He wouldn't let Breeze alone and the instructor did nothing. So I fianlly said, you know you can give Simba a little tug on his leash to bring him back to you. She acted like she was afraid of him.. People...Geeez.