View Full Version : Great new toy!

16th June 2007, 02:48 AM
Ollie needed a new chew toy as he broke about 3 in the past week! :o

So I bought him a flexable nylabone dental chew...


Ollie just loves it! He can't get enough of chew chew chewing it! :rah:

But the problem is.... he wasn't a strong chewer before but now he us! He bit a big chunk out of the dinosaurs feet which I had to quickly disgard. Maybe he is ready for one of the 'Durable' ones for tough chewers?

Anyway, great toy! The nubs are great for their teeth.. and it's keeping him occupied!

16th June 2007, 03:40 AM
Oh I bought Beau a couple of Nylabones and my Boxers got them :o They look awfully unpalatable to my eye, but the dogs sure do like them.