View Full Version : Caring for a dog with myositis

cavi lover
21st June 2007, 08:27 PM
Does anyone have experience of caring for a dog with myositis? It is an auto immune disease which affect the muscles around the jaw causing muscle wastage and difficulty eating.


21st June 2007, 08:50 PM
Hi Cav Lover:

Yes!! My Sasha who I just laid to rest last week, was diagnosed with myositis in December of last year. she was diagnosed at K-State Vet Hospital in Kansas.

Her treatment was obviously steriods - i did lots of research on the topic as well. Her prednisone treatment went till April - she started a chronic cough at that time and we had to d/c the treatment.

I was not completely convinced Sasha had myositis; however, as she had laryngeal prolapse at age 3 1/2 and had one side of her throat permanently sutured back. I wondered if the limited range of motion (rom) was possibly due to scar tissue of the throat/jaw area vs. myositis.

If you would like to PM me I would be glad to talk to you about it further.


22nd June 2007, 06:00 AM
I am sorry to hear that your poor dog is suffering in this way. I have not had any experience, nor do I have any sage advice, but I am sure some on the forum will be able to offer some words.

cavi lover
22nd June 2007, 09:23 AM
Thankfully I do not have a cavi with this condition but have been asked to rehome one that has!He is a beautiful ruby boy.
I am in the process of gathering as much infomation as I can about myositis in order to make an informed decision as to whether I can meet all his needs.

26th June 2007, 05:28 PM
Hi Cav Lover:

Have you brought your little guy home yet? I was wondering if you had any other questions regarding the treatment, etc. for myositis?

It definitely is a rare disorder, but can be treated with steriods. Unfortunately, they have side effects as well - the constant hunger issue was the one that drove me the craziest!! My poor Sasha was always looking for food everywhere we went and i felt so bad for her. She also had very buggy eyes as well due to the steriods.

Good Luck to you - please PM me anytime you have any questions. I'd love to be any support you might need.