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22nd June 2007, 09:50 PM
we meant to move it ages ago but was one of those things that when you turned around you got distracted and forgot about. i am talking about the brick that held down a plastic covering over our bbq. it had been slowly moved onto the edge by the windy weather we have had and jadan just loves to roll on that stupid plastic! i was right there hanging out the washing no more than a couple of yards away but just didnt notice it and the next minute...jadan is yelping and back leg up. the brick had dropped onto his hind foot aand blood everywhere. i dont know how i stayed so calm but i washed it under the outside tap and held a damp cloth on it to stop the bleeding which it did after a while. luckily it had just clipped his claw end, much like cutting back to far into the nail. but it could have been so much worse, i dread to think. he was such a brave boy though and just sat in my lap letting me feel over his paw and licking where it hurt as if to tell me! he is walking about on it fine now and even running on it although it does look a little swollen. i had thought of taking him to the vets but as he isnt limping i am assuming that nothing more was done. but do you think i should take him anyway? surely as he is now running about on it it cant be broken etc?! needless to say i had i good hazard check round our garden after that (something that should already have been done i know!)

22nd June 2007, 09:55 PM
Yes I think a trip to vet is a good thing, especially if it is still looking a bit swollen in the morning he might need a dose of Anti-biotics, plus it will put your mind at rest that no further damage has been done! Don't be too hard on yourself about this, you are only human!!
A big kiss and a gentle :hug: for Jaden, and a :hug: for you as well, keep us posted??

22nd June 2007, 09:55 PM
:) no matter how hard we try accidents will always happen. Sounds like you did the right thing keeping calm. I wouldnt worry too much about going to the vets, just keep a close eye on him for the next day or so. I will never forget when i was cutting my bunnies claws and he jumped, it cut a bit far down and there was so much blood. Its where the blood vessels are in their claws so always looks worse than it really is. Am just glad that it was nothing worse and that your all ok

Cathy T
23rd June 2007, 02:34 AM
Poor Jadan. Glad it didn't fall on his little head though. :-| Sounds like you handled it just fine and glad it wasn't worse.