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23rd June 2007, 03:03 AM
Holly has been with us for two weeks tomorrow, so I thought I'd take the time to write an update. Everything has been going pretty well. The girls are getting along fine. There are a few squabbles now and then, and it's almost always between Cedar and Holly. They are still working out their relationship and who is top dog. (Willow is happy to let the two of them fight it out.) Most of the squabbles are just growling, although just tonight something happened that caused one dog to squeal. Not sure who, but Cedar was the "winner". After such a fuss, I went to see what they were fighting over. It was a highly prized, extremely valuable carrot root! A wimpy little wispy carrot root. Aside from these little encounters, the girls are playing with each other full force, and they are even learning to eat near each other.

Holly's issues of focus right now are her careless actions. She steps on others (people and dogs!) and jumps on them. She often does not look where she's going, and it does not bother her to step on someone's head. At first, both Cedar and Willow would react negatively, as you might imagine!, but now they either put up with it or move out of the way. Holly's behavior needs manners, so we're working on it.

To help, Holly has been attending puppy classes. At almost 12 months, she's a bit old for puppy classes, but I'm teaching the obedience classes. So we go to puppy for one-on-one time and socialization. Holly is a very social pup with people and dogs. The one-on-one time is helpful for her training, but it's also allowing me to get to know her and bond with her away from the other dogs. Since she's such a little spitfire at home, it's nice to see her act like a normal dog when she's not in such a comfortable situation.

When she is comfortable, Holly is--well--often a little sh*t. I can see how she was too much for some people!! She is a perfectly well meaning little dog, but she is the most selfish little cavalier I've ever met. I dont know if dogs CAN be selfish, but if there is one, its Holly! She's learning how to share, and she's learning to wait and take turns with treats and food. And she's learning that someone else can be on my lap besides her, which is still a foreign idea at this point. She figured out the doggie door, and now freely comes and goes in and out with annoying frequency. She likes to bring sticks in with her to eat inside. We'll take the stick away, and she'll go back outside to get another, bring it in, and repeat the process. She can try one's patience!

Although she's a spitfire and our little family is still disrupted somewhat as the dogs find their places, Holly's hard not to laugh at or make excuses for. She's picked up the middle name "berry" (Holly Berry) from me, and I use her middle name much as my mother used mine! Despite all her naughtiness, Holly has only found herself in time out once in the past two weeks. She did not like her punishment, but I draw the line at stealing food of a person's plate!! She wasn't even sneaky about it. She came in from outside in a dead heat, ran at full speed, jumped on the sofa (where I was having lunch), and immediately stole a bite of pizza off my plate before I knew what happened. As I was in the process of reacting, and saying "holly berry," she took a second bite and jumped down to the floor. I chased her around the coffee table a few times before I caught her. She had the nerve to wimper while in time out in the xpen. Can you believe it?! ;)

I tried to get some updated pictures of the dogs to share. It was quite difficult as Holly doesn't hold still for 2 seconds at a time. Still, I'll share what I managed to get!

Holly learning NOT to take food from people's plates:

Getting along with Cedar:

Getting along with Willow:

All three playing together:

Holly playing chase around the coffee table:

Holly obviously being naught about SOMETHING. I titled this shot: "Are you talking to me?"


23rd June 2007, 03:11 AM
I loved reading your post. Your are a great writer.... I think Holly found the perfect home. You seem to be right on target with her, and doing everything right. They are all beautiful dogs. I bet you get admiring stares if you are out with all three of them. Good luck to you all. Judy

23rd June 2007, 03:11 AM
Your pizza story reminded me of when my girl was 7 weeks pregnant-- think 7 months for a human. Daughter dropped a large wedge of pizza on the floor. Hot pizza. Well, she scooped it up quick as a blink and here I am playing tug of war with a VERY pregnant bitch for a piece of hot pepperoni pizza. Lets just say whatever was IN her mouth, she kept. That had to burn. I don't know if any number of years of obedience classes will help when it comes to pizza. giggle

23rd June 2007, 04:55 AM
The photos are adorable and it sounds like they are working out where they are in the pack and some socialising skills are being learned. :cool:

23rd June 2007, 09:21 AM
Sounds like she is getting along just fine, finding her place and learning a few manners as well!! Love the pic of her running around the coffee table!!

23rd June 2007, 08:37 PM
So glad that things are working out! I love the picture of your 3 girls from behind - just needs a black and tan to round it out ;)

23rd June 2007, 10:04 PM
Oh gosh that is so funny and the pictures are great. Love the update and the detail. If it makes you feel any better you could put "Lily" in where you write "Holly". She does many of those things -- some have got much better with time (1 year now), especially as she is a glutton and has learned she can get treats for sitting quietly -- that really helped along her self control training! She drives me crazy sometimes but she always does something endearing to make me forgive her (that is one reason she is still here -- I was determined to rehome her at least 25 times... :lol:). She is like the overactive tomboy who never learned any manners.

You are doing great things with her and the pictures show a very happy happy little girl! I love that pic of their three backs -- nothing as interesting to a cavalier as a plate of food! (it amazes me to go to a friend's house who has lab/collie mixes and have snacks on a coffee table that *the dogs never even look at*... that would be a miracle around here!).

PS Rescues are often particularly selfish as they need that attention to feel secure in a new place. Fortunately it does tend to go away but some dogs (not necessarily the rescues!) will always want the lap to themselves. Funny how different their personalities can be. :)

Cathy Moon
24th June 2007, 03:34 PM
Thanks for sharing the photos and stories of Holly and the girls. Holly is such a little sprite! :)