View Full Version : Questions about outdoor confinement in a weed and sticker field

25th June 2007, 06:19 AM
As I now have 4 dogs, 2 of which are Cavaliers, I have some questions.

Today we erected a kenel on an area that is shaded by huge cedars. But the ground is just covered with stickers and burrs. We could dig up all of that stuff and leave bare dirt, but I am not happy with that idea. I am thinking of getting some kind of astroturf or outdoor carpeting to floor the kenel.

None of the dogs, and especially the Cavaliers, will ever be left out there when we are gone, or for extended periods of time. Just out a few times a day to pee and poop, and get some fresh air.

What would you suggest? Local people tell me that pea gravel is best all round, but the weeds and stickers will just grow up thru it unless we use a weed killer, and cover with plastic. Which would not allow waste to naturally percolate into the ground. (Of course I am refering to urine, feces would be removed daily. We do not ever use any pesticides or herbicides, so I am most reluctant to do so.

So, getting back to my idea of covering the ground with some sort of artificial turf that would allow percolation AND stop weeds from growing thru, has anyone ever tried that?

Sorry I went on so long, but I just want my babies in the best possible environment. Even before the dog kenel went up, everytime the Cavs went out to potty, they came back with slippers full of stickers that have to be brushed out immediately.

Cathy Moon
25th June 2007, 12:03 PM
I would dig out all the weeds, put down some black landscaping cloth (it allows water to go into the ground, yet keeps weeds from coming up) then put a good layer of pea gravel down.