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29th June 2007, 02:57 PM
I took little Miss Mischief for a walk today, took her to one field & then took her to the park. I sat down on a bench whilst she ran round & round & round this beautiful flower patch. Anyway, two men turned up at the park & with them their two dogs. One a Weirmaraner, came bounding over straight away to play. So both of them played which was mostly the big dog chasing the little one.. Anyway, next came over the second dog, which was the most beautiful Golden Retriever I have ever seen. He started playing too but he wasn't anywhere nearly as gentle as the other dog (my dog has played with another Weirmaraner before & he was so gentle too). So it gets to the point where I can tell she is tired & doesn't want to play anymore & she stands still & the Golden Retriever being a clums oaf stands on her back paw. So, she yelps & runs over to me limping. I end up having to carry her home.

She's now fast asleep but did let me hold the paw without a murmur but she didn't readily let me hold it like she normally does but I doubt it is broken. Do you possibly think it is just saw & I shouldn't worry?

29th June 2007, 03:11 PM
Probably just a bit bruised is all! If it looks swollen and/or she is limping and obviously in discomfort then get your vet to check her over to be on the safe side. I recently stood on Darcy's paw when we were on a walk and he screeched, then limped very badly whilst looking directly at me with a doggy scowl, as if to say "You hurt me!" after a few more steps he was bouncing all over the place again. Cavaliers are VERY good at playing a situation to their advantage if they can, but obvious pain and/or swelling should always be checked out!!
Big Kiss and a gentle :hug: for the patient!!

Barbara Nixon
29th June 2007, 06:43 PM
Even a large dog, treading on a paw, won't be as heavy as a human doing so.

29th June 2007, 06:47 PM
True, I have done that accidently before but never caused her to limp.

She woke up before & was fine. No limp or anything. She lay on my lap & I think her leg got caught under mine (I cross my legs) & she yelped then.

I think it is just bruising..

1st July 2007, 04:32 AM
:xctly: What Cathryn said! I accidentally stood on Beau's foot today at obedience school when he was clowning around. He let out a big yelp and this afternoon has a very slight limp. But when I feel his paw, knee & hip joints he doesn't react, so I am figuring he has a little bruise on his paw. It sounds like a similar thing, so I'm just keeping an eye on it.