View Full Version : Going to try an experiment

29th June 2007, 04:24 PM
There's an option to have all the profiles link directly to people's big (Zoints) profiles, rather than default to the smaller board profles. I am going to change this setting just to see how it would work. If it looks good, I might leave that as the default -- I'll see what people think.

Anyway will try the change later today and will flag it to people so they can have a look and see what they think. I am looking at ways to give everyone's special profiles more visibility.The same basic info goes in them that you already have in your board mini-profile, I think.

Just didn't want anyone to check the member list and wonder what was happening.

29th June 2007, 04:33 PM
OK, that was easy. Now when someone clicks on an avatar pic or username, on a post or in the Member List, they will be taken to your Zoints big profile.

Let me know if you like this better, hate it, etc! The same info on posts etc is on the Zoints profile but you need to add more info on your dogs and so on. However this info does show up in the Member List profile, just not your user profile, as that has transferred to Zoints.