View Full Version : How to add a photo block to your My Profile page

1st July 2007, 08:39 AM
Click the Member Profiles drop down menu at the top right part of the page;
Select My Profile;
On the line that has Profile, Groups, Current Style, Style Edit, click on the Profile drop down menu;
Click Add New Block;
Under Default Block scroll down until you see Photo link and then click on that;
Near Add this block to Profile, click on the word Profile;

This should bring you back to your profile page with the photo place holder on the screen.

You can now drag this anywhere you like on the page.

To change the heading & to add a photo you can either click on the little spanner or click on the text that says [click here to upload your image]

Use the browse button to find the image on your computer;
When you are done, press Save Changes.

If you image is too large, it will automatically be resized to fit the place holder.

3rd August 2007, 08:44 PM
you can also set up a separate page just for photos or videos if you click on 'add block page' first and create a new page listed along side you profile page on the menu at the top of your page.

Then you can 'add block' of either 'photos' or 'media' (videos) in the same way.

You could also set up a +profiles pages for each of your dogs if you want:biggrin: