View Full Version : How do you get your puppy registered with KC?

5th July 2007, 09:46 PM
When we bought our puppy the breeder told us that the puppys parents are registered but the puppy hasn't been registed yet.
We know the mum and dads KC names, as we have been told.
So how do we go about getting her registered with the KC?
Does the breeder do it or can we do it after we get the pup, now we know the parents names. And how much does it cost?

Breeder has just sent us some updated pics.
Sorry they are small.


And we have finally thought of a name we all agree on!


5th July 2007, 10:41 PM
Hi Becca!

Basically the breeder is the only person who can register the litter with the Kennel Club. She should have asked you if you have any name in mind for your puppy or have told you that she will be naming the puppy with the Kennel Club with a name of her choice. ONLY the breeder of the litter is allowed to register the litter, we have 12 months to register the litter and if done within this time the cost is currently £12 per puppy. If you are buying a puppy that is NOT registered, you should ask why the puppy is not being registered, you should also not be paying as much for the puppy as for a registered puppy. Personnally I register ALL my babies but I do know there are breeders out there who do not register what they consider to be "pet" puppies, I am proud of my puppies and they are registered.
Your breeder should also make you aware of any and all endorsements she has placed on the puppy, there are 2 of them and they are:-

"Progeny ineligable for registration" Basically this means that should you breed from this dog then the Kennel Club will not register any it's offspring.

"Ineligable for export pedigree" this means that should you sell the dog on to say some-one in the U.s they cannot apply for an export pedigree which they would need to register that dog with the American Kennel Club.

Bet you're wishing you hadn't asked now?? :lol:

BTW, I LOVE the name Kira!! Suits her to a "T" :lotsaluv: