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11th July 2007, 08:45 PM
Ive often heard stories about dogs trying to warn their owners about danger and never really sure if they are true or just coincidence... until today!
My mums dog Molly (golden labrador) is 6yrs old and has never been up the stairs in her life even though when Chloe visits she is up and down them all the time. Molly just lies at the bottom step waiting for her return. Today when my Dad was at home he heard banging and Molly had found her way up stairs but was immeaditaly sent back down. A few moments later she was back up there and in the spare bedroom refusing to move. Again she was guided back down and told to stay down there.
But she was not listening to him! Once again Molly was determined to get upstairs and lay firmly in the doorway of the spare bedroom refusing to budge. By this point my Dad could smell a strange burning, it was at this point he realised that the iron had been left switched on in the spare bedroom over night and was over heating!
I really believe that she was able to sense this as once he had turned it off she returned downstairs quite happily and has not ventured up there since.
Has anyone else had any similar experiences?

11th July 2007, 09:43 PM
I have heard numerous, numerous stories like the one you described. There have been countless incidents reported where a dog has saved lives by alerting owners of potential danger.

11th July 2007, 10:04 PM
My grandfather used to breed and compete with border collies when he was alive. When I was 12, I used to loooove to walk them and play with them. One day I was walking Boojer Brat (my favorite black and white border collie) around the neighborhood and wanted him to cross this little wooden bridge with me. He BLATANTLY refused. He sat his butt down and would not budge! I thought this was strange because he would always do whatever you asked. I looked closer at the bridge and it was absolutely infested with Bull ants, I mean COVERED with them...I am deathly allergic to ant bites.

Thank goodness he saw it or I would have been in the hospital!!

11th July 2007, 10:11 PM
ALL animals can sense danger.

If the people caught in natural disasters notice, all the animals head for higher ground before the disasters hit.

If you're ever stranded, eat what the birds and animals eat, they know what is/is not poisonous.:)

11th July 2007, 10:13 PM
Oh yes definitely. Dogs are much more predisposed to fearful things than we are.

I once took Merlin into work where one of our "freaky" programmers came up to him - I don't like tha chap and neither did Merlin - it was the first time I ever heard him "mumble".

My mums goldens were very astite to danger too.

I would think its an instinct we would like to inherit from our furry friends.

Oh god..... would that mean I hate the postmand who delivers all those puppia goodies..... I hope not:D

11th July 2007, 10:44 PM
All animals are far more tuned into their senses. Think of the Tsunami when all the animals fled inland and were saved.

11th July 2007, 11:26 PM
Make of this what you will. But humans as well as animals can have a sense of danger, but in my case SiânE seem to have sensed it two weeks before me.

When I first got SiânE, she would go for walks in the park even though she wasn’t a big fan of the place. Well a couple of months down the line for two weeks she would point blank refuse to go into the park and we had the same struggle everyday with me doing everything including bribing her to get her to walk around the park .

To get to the park I had to cross at a junction with traffic lights. Well SiânE would get half way across and refuse to go any further. I lost count of the amount of times I had to pick her up and throw the both of us across the road because the lights had changed and I had to get out of the way of the on coming traffic.

One day she was really bad and I had only got her part of the way down the path and when to walk down a new path and for some reason I look down this path and my mind was saying ‘you don’t want to go down there’. I just felt like I had to get out of the place and looked at SiânE and told her we were going home. She charged out of the place.

Next morning the police were standing guard at all the gates to the park. Just after I had left the park a 15 year old boy (who had a record as long as your arm) had decided he wanted to be come a murderer and was looking for a victim to stab. He found one. A women jogging in the park. Thankfully she survived and a doctor in the park walking her dog tended to her until the ambulance arrived.

SiânE was still nervous in the park for about a week after this but then changed to walking in the park ok, around the same time as the boy was arrested.

I remember telling one of the police offices about that day (they question all the dog walkers) and he looked at me and smiled, not in a your mad way but like he had heard the same thing before.

12th July 2007, 12:57 AM
I wonder if the boy had been lurking around planning his task and the dogs knew he was there...That is scary!!

12th July 2007, 03:17 AM
Oh my goodness, that gave me goose bumps. :confused:

12th July 2007, 11:20 AM
not so much sensing fear but jadan will stick closer to me if we are out walking by ourselves as i think he knows i dont like it on my own. i am ok on my streets but abit nervous out in the country and he will look up at me as if to say " i am here for you mum looking out for you" he would normally be off and running about if my hubby were with us so i can tell there is a difference. there is also a part of the park where he will always look up into a tree

and bark his head off even though there is NOTHING there. no squirell etc, though there may have been once ages ago and he remembers or someone said he was looking at something else!!! that we cant see....spooky, but i dont doubt it for a minute as i am a believer anyway, just dont like to think too hard on it!!

12th July 2007, 11:39 AM
Most certainly Dogs sense when things are wrong!

When I was expecting the twins Logan the one night just wouldn't leave me be, he was my total shadow, far more than usual. My OH works nights so I was nmy own in the house with the other 2 kids and the dogs. Logan was right beside in my bedroom. I was about 35 weeks along and was making a lot of bathroom trips by then, usually Logan would wait by the bathroom door, but not this night, he was right there with his head on one side just staring at me and my bump!! Well about 3 in the morning I started getting back cramps, so called OH at work as they were quite severe, Logan wouldn't budge from my side, kept staring and staring at my bump!! Well to cut a long story short I was actually in early labour :yikes: I ended up in hospital and they did manage to stop it before I got too far along, but I really felt that Logan knew and was looking after me until my OH got back, Bless You Logan! :lotsaluv:

By the way, I had the twins at 38 weeks via a planned C-Section!!