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Layla's Mommy
14th July 2007, 12:25 AM
My 6 month old puppy, Layla has worms:( . She got them from the rabbits that frequent our backyard. We've tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them short of putting chicken wire around our whole yard (which I don't the the homeowner's association would approve). Does anyone have any ideas on what to do? We've tried pellets, spraying the plants with pepper spray, spraying liquid fence....

In the meantime, Layla got some medicine and hopefully this will clear up quickly. I feel so bad for her. Unfortunately, we won't be hanging out in the back yard anymore, poor little girl:( .

14th July 2007, 01:02 AM
Poor Layla! Have you spoken with a vet to be sure this is the source? What kind of worms are they ? Worms are really common in puppies and they can get them from their mothers from birth and may need a couple of wormings to get rid of them and break the egg to adult cycle. Many vets advise worming every three months anyway.

I've not heard of them being passed directly from rabbits. Do you mean your puppy is eating the rabbit feces and ingesting worms that way?

14th July 2007, 01:04 AM

I religously worm my dogs every 3 months whether they have worms or not, good products to try are Frontline and Stronghold in the UK. If you are not in the UK then I am sure that other folks will advise to the appropiate product to use for your country! Prevention is better than cure!
Might be well worth having a word with your vet, sometimes they can build up an immunity to certain products so ask your vet what he recommends as an alternative?

14th July 2007, 01:12 AM
Here in Oz we routinely worm our dogs 3 monthly regardless. We get lots of wild critters in & our guys love a good feast of kangaroo, wombat, rabbit & duck poop. I had never heard that these animals are a source of the kinds of worms dogs get, but if they are the 3 monthly worming obviously keeps the dogs free of them.

It would be a shame to stop Layla from playing outside & being a dog, when surely your vet has a solution to this.

PS - It is also routine here to worm puppies monthly until they are 6 months old. As Karlin said, the worm eggs can pass from mother to the unborn puppy and they are very persistent.

Layla's Mommy
14th July 2007, 01:52 AM
My vet told me she probably got the worms from the rabbits. The first thing he said when she tested positive was, "Where do you live, are there rabbits in your yard?" ( and yes, he said it was probably from eating the feces, Yuck!) We have mulch in our yard and little Layla will chew anything she can get into her mouth. When we go outside, I have her on a leash but, she wanders into the flower beds and chews on the mulch. She seems to love it. As much as I take it away, she manages to find more.

We had her tested for worms when we got her (2 months ago) and she didn't have any so, I do think it's the rabbits. We have literally hundreds in our yard.

I guess I can worm her periodically. I never had a problem in the past with any of my other dogs so, this is new to me. Then again, Layla seems to like to chew more than any of my other dogs did....

Anyway, she's adorable and I just hope she gets better and we get the rabbits under control!

Oh, we live in Wisconsin. Thanks for your advice.

Layla's Mommy
14th July 2007, 01:53 AM
PS - It is also routine here to worm puppies monthly until they are 6 months old. As Karlin said, the worm eggs can pass from mother to the unborn puppy and they are very persistent.

So she could have had the eggs, got wormed by the breeder and got them back? Like I said, she tested negative when I got her but, she had just been wormed...... Maybe that's all it is, then, not the rabbits.

14th July 2007, 01:58 AM
Yes she could definitely have had them recur. :) I don't think the problem is likely to have been rabbits; more that she was carrying a worm load to start with and an initial worming cleared what would show in a fecal test. But the eggs are still in there and the next development cycle would reintroduce them. Or they can acquire them from other things -- eating cat or dog feces for example, which a lot of puppies particularly enjoy...! Most vets will worm a puppy then have you worm again a couple of weeks later; many will advise an initial monthly worming for a few months.

Supermarket wormers are not adequate and some have been known to cause adverse side affects. Stronghold or Frontline or something else directly from your vet is generally the option you want to choose. I'd always go with a vet's advice.

14th July 2007, 09:51 AM
I worm all my dogs every 3 months as well.Not taking any chances.

14th July 2007, 10:57 AM
Puppies should ideally be wormed at least 3 times before leaving their Mum, mine are wormed at 2,4,6,8,10 & 12 weeks using Drontal Puppy Liquid then every 3 months for the rest of their lives! For the first year we use the puppy liquid and then move them up onto the adult strength, :xfngr: have never had a problem with worms with this method, prevention truly is better than cure!!

14th July 2007, 05:21 PM
As soon as we got Sally from the breeder I took her to the vet who gave me 'Advocate' as a treatment/preventative for worms and fleas. We bathed her and applied the treatment which is a spot on treatment. The next day she passed a round worm in her faeces! I was shocked and rang the vet immediately who said this is good because the treatment worked.

Sally is now 6 months and we have wormed her every month with 'Advocate' and now we will use Drontal every 3 months and Frontline every 3 months. Never had a problem since. Definitely best to prevent worms and fleas with good products. I find Drontal and Frontline can be bought on the internet much cheaper than the vet!:)